Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Snow days.

We in VA had a big snow recently.

A few days before our storm, Tokyo area in Japan had a similar one, and after our snow, they had the second one. So, they had twice as much as ours or more.

Tokyo seldom has snow. It created a new record after 45 years. It was literally, still continuing, a disaster since they do not have a snow plow service there. People had to shovel main streets as well as their private properties.

Schools and the government were closed here, and my college also. I had two free days. Yay.

So, I started to make a new quilt for sale with these woven fabrics. I actually have another 2 done for sale, have not taken photos of them yet...

Here are the some of blocks of the quilt.

This picture shows colors more vivid than actual. I am trying to make a one like *boro* - quilting will be done by machine though :-p
The fabrics are a little thinner than a normal cotton for quilts, and I applied lining, normal cotton for quilts, to an each block to stabilize.

I finished the first block of One-Pi.

Sewn by hand :) This is a project for me to work on at quilty meetings.

I am so happy that I have more time for sewing this semester! The last semester was really busy. I am not taking English classes this semester, that is why...!

Have FUN, and be HAPPY!! :D