Tuesday, April 29, 2014


I love donuts, according to R, every time he mentions about donuts, I always get very perky. Food always make me perky anyway.

This late morning, he said "I have a donut" to wake me up from a nap, and I got excited and said "WHERE!?" He laughed being satisfied by my reaction.

A few hours later, he again said "I am getting hungry. I may have a bit of donut."

I forgot what happened a few hours ago, and again asked "WHERE?! You really have it, don't you?!" He again laughed.

Then, I remembered what my Islam professor said yesterday in his lecture about faith (I enjoy his class very much). Muslims are required to have true faith in Allah. True faith means 100% trust in Him, total surrender and submission to Him. If you question "why Allah make me do this, why I have to do this?" you do not have faith. Just do what Allah tells you without questioning, that is faith, and same thing can be said to Christianity - faith in Jesus.

My professor gave me a very good example. When you see a doctor being sick, if you have faith in him, you will do whatever he says for recovery. But, if you do not have faith in him, you may question him "why this medicine, what they are for?"

I told R that I think I have faith in R because I do not think of possibility of he is tricking me, which means I trust him.

R felt bad a little, and said "well, God does not joke or trick either. I will get you some real donuts and coffee." Yay!

Funny afternoon, ha ha. I think religion works at some level to make people good :)

Be happy and cheerful! :D

Thursday, April 03, 2014

A little overwhelmed

Busy, busy days.

But, feeling improvement in many things liiiiiiiiitle by little, such as speaking better (even in front of people), better understanding of this world - thus, receiving more fun and pleasures from this world, better communications with my friends, and a direction of how I want to live, etc.

The other day, a college adviser suggested me to get 3 Associate degrees from my community college which I had never thought, and I do not know if that worth for something. After this Spring semester, I earn 68 credits which is more than enough to declare graduation. She said "you can graduate this summer in Liberal Arts if you want."

I started to think about transferring to a 4 year university a year ago. Since I am following their requirement for B.A. rather than which of Associate, I took many non-required classes for A.A. or A.S. I am trying to stay with my college as long as I can, to be ready for 4 year university, and take less classes there after transferring most of credits earned here.

3 degrees.... What do I do with them? Where do I go...? R is excited, though.

By the way, I got my first recommendation letter from my favorite professor a week ago. The letter was too excellent. Now, I have to bring myself up to what he wrote. He retires after this Spring. I asked him if I could keep in touch with him after he leave, and he gave me his personal email address :D :D :D I am so happy to feel like I have achieved something.

This semester will be over a month later. I have to decide which class I take for summer...

Be Happy, and enjoy life :)