Tuesday, July 29, 2014

R's BD.

We had R's birthday the last weekend.

We were talking about eating out, but I cooked special hamburg instead since ground meat which was supposed to be cooked 2 days ago was left in the refrigerator. I am lucky to have him who always eat anything I cook saying "GOOD!!"

BD means a gift for most people, and it does for us as well, but we both cannot think what we want (for each other's birthday), and end up no gift. We both look for necessary things for dairy life, but we are pretty much content, so "I cannot think of what I want" because what we want and what we need are different. I guess we are just realistic.

So, here is the hamburg. My friend Nancy contributed a lot for this dish from her garden :)

And, a cake (with my taste).

And, a gift from S (I understand this was for "us", not only for "him").

Also, he was busy with talking with his friends who called him to wish a happy birthday :)

We had a nice weekend :D :D :D