Thursday, May 07, 2015


Today was my last day at NOVA. I took the "final" final exam in the morning, and finished the life with NOVA as a student. I am still surprising and amazed by the fact that knowledge and critical thinking take a person to a place where never imagined. Knowledge is like seeds planted on mind and they grow with critical thinking and additional knowledge.

I am all happy, but probably sadness is stronger. Do not have to go to NOVA anymore is not my reality yet. The graduation ceremony is held on 17th, but I am not going.

I first thought that it is silly to buy a hat and gown for only one day, and I have already many recognitions of my academic achievement. Then, the provost and an adviser told me that they can get a hat and gown for me so I should come and learn one of the American culture.

I thought in a moment, that would be interesting to see how a graduation in the US is like, but I have already signed up for a fundraising event for my Japanese community on that day, and I felt it is more important for me. I will have another opportunity of graduation probably a few years later.

This semester was again really special. I had many opportunities to see higher academic world. Also, the Abnormal Psychology class and Mythology class I took this semester really made me think about humans a lot.

Another special thing is an encounter a professor who I am able to talk very naturally. I took her class for my first time. I think my inner chemical is calling her. Every time I see her, I can just walk to her and share what I did yesterday, or ask questions about the materials without hesitating. This usually do not occur as I often do not know what to say to people. While thinking what I should say, or what they may want to hear, and hesitating to say something, a situation that I could have a conversation with the people is gone.

At the end of final today, she said to me "Keep in touch. I like you, too." It really made me happy and she let me hug her.

Many extraordinary things happened this semester in both private and school. After all, everything is working all right. R and I will be busy with cleaning (especially R! He will have to throw a lot away!) before moving to the new place where the 4 year university I transfer to is. I am ready for enjoying the summer missing NOVA and exciting about the new university.