Sunday, August 30, 2015

New Life!

I had a very exciting day yesterday! - The orientation day at Hollins University, where I transferred to from Northern Virginia Community College.

It was an awesome summer this year.
I visited Japan at the end of May for 2 weeks, and had a "lot." It was an intensive trip. I am really glad on my decision for going back after a long time.

My nephews - very precious shot!

A week after my return, I had a meeting with the NOVA scholarship committee to receive a scholarship. Even though, I was still in Japan on the official date of receiving the scholarship, they allowed me to receive it later - so I am not in the pictures of the receivers which is on NOVA website. I think total 8 people got $$.

R & I then started to look for a house for rent or buy in Roanoke, VA, where Hollins University is located. This school is famous for writing. It is a private traditional small school for girls. I initially planed to transfer to George Mason University because it was convenient for me, but I sought for being connected to a small community which would let me learn more about American culture and people. Hollins' tuition is more than double of Geroge Mason; however, scholarships from Hollins and Grant made possible for me to go.

We are now getting settled in "our" home where is about 15 min from the university. Roanoke itself is a very small city. Everything is very close, and much less chaos compared to Fairfax, VA. I am so impressed by cleanness of back of shopping centers where is usually so dirty. We moved in here the beginning of August, and I have been enjoying to make our nest comfortable :)

R owns thousands of books (I feel that way). His priority was to get book cases to organize his books.

We got them through Craig lists, cleaned and painted. R is a sander & I am a painter :)

Now the book cases are full. R probably needs another 3 sets of them.

I am enjoying sewing projects.
We got a table and chair set at GoodWill :D

Since we have too many bath towels, I made some to be foot mats.

We did not have room for pillows - they take a lot of room! -, now I can have more pillows :D
This one was my favorite shirt in my 20s.

We got a too big yard. It is really not necessary for us, but it came with the house and was not avoidable. I am very happy to have the clotheslines though! It is very useful to take pictures of quilts.

The quilt hanging here is a T-shirt quilt recently made for my friend.

What else? Since so much are going on with us, I cannot write about all. Anyway, we are so happy and enjoying life :)