Friday, June 10, 2016

My Babies

I really did not expect myself involving in a garden work this much, but I am having super lot of fun.

R and I started to till our backyard middle of April, and we mainly started to play with it after my finals were over, in the middle of May. So, it has been actually only about a month.



I seeded okra 5 days ago, but nothing is happening in the beds yet.

I did not plant this - pumpkins. I used to have a hole on the ground to bury kitchen waste around here. I think it survived during the winter. I initially thought I would transplant it somewhere away from the beds, but decided to keep it there. It is led to out of the bed though.

I sometimes spend all day in my garden, start with digging (tilling) in the morning. Taking care of them is time consuming, as well as researches about gardening. It has been taking up my time for sewing because there are so much to do, but a lot of fun! and I appreciate my life more than before.