Saturday, July 16, 2016

Indigo Dye Experience (1)

I wanted to try Indigo Dye for years, and it was one of my priority to do this summer.
I did some research about dyeing a year ago (and did not have time to do it last year), so got materials needed and tried with my quilty friends who has a lot of dye experience.

2 for me, and 1 for R. I realized after dyed that he does not usually wear a T-shirt, only when going to gym. So it would be eventually mine :)

Dyeing process.
Soak fabrics in water.

Soak in a dye bath.


I had to repeat the process of soaking & oxidizing a few times to get a desired color. I would say at least 3 times to get denim color.

After leaving 24 hours. Still wet.

Rinse by hand, and wash 2 loads by washing machine with neutral ph. detergent (for delicate laundry).

Cotton dye result.

One soaking, plain fabric. I love mottling look.



Resulted from them.

Cloth pins.

Resulted from this piece.

Bamboo skewer.

Resulted from this piece.

Rubber bands.

Another rubber bands.

Wooden pieces sandwich.


I love indigo color. Even small pieces will make a nice project.

I cannot wait to turn them into a quilt!