Sunday, January 08, 2017

My Birthday.

Happy New Year.

The other day, I reviewed some of my old posts. I started this blog in August 2005. It has been 11 years. Wow. It was enjoyable to look back my past on this blog. Kind of sad to see not much improvement on my English writing. I was feeling like Facebook and Twitter are convenient and easier to use than a blog but realized that they do not make a good record of my life.

Every year, right after New Year's day, my birthday follows.
We had the first snow accumulation this winter yesterday.

I am not a big fun of my birthday, but R starts to broadcast at home repeatedly saying "Birthday girl!" and asks what I want every year. We do not exchange gifts on any occasions because we get what we want when we want, and we have enough for our life. I did not want to go anywhere, and wanted to stay home watching snow outside. We went to grocery shopping the day before so that we can stay home, especially because R got non-stick pans for me. I was literally in the kitchen most of my birthday.

R is a health conscious person, and does not like "chemically coated pans." We have cast iron pans and stainless pans, but they are not good to make crapes. I wanted to try this recipe.

My first crapes made with the pan.

I intended to make the Macha crape, but had to change the recipe a little.

I made too many crapes, so had to use it for lunch as well.
Italian crape *layer dish*, maybe.

The first layer had my homemade pesto and avocado.

The second layer had cooked onions and cheese.

The third layer had cooked tomato.

Made *tonkatsu* and tomato soup for dinner. Tonkatsu = deep fried pork = Delicious soft pork.
R loves tonkatsu.

Still had more crapes, so it made another *layer dish*.
Layer 1: Avocado, layer 2: hummus + thin sliced cabbage, layer 3: ground turkey + celery.

R asks sometimes and many times if I am interested in going to culinary school leaving my current education behind. I am glad he likes my food :)

I had a great birthday this year. The one last year was horrible with a terrible headache but had to leave for Rome next day. Rome was wonderful, though. When returned, R had a gift for me which was "Wilson" from the movie "Cast Away (Tom Hanks)" that I enjoyed very much to analyze psychological aspect of the movie.

Wish you a lot of fun in 2017.
I am supposed to graduate this coming Dec. I look forward to writing a good post a year later :)