Wednesday, November 29, 2006

The quilt for my friend.

I completed the quilt for my friend which I was working on, the last weekend. I have just sent it out yesterday. I hope she will like it.

I was going to make a blue quilt for her before I started to make this. I can never expect what happen next during I have been collecting fabrics for it. The color combination is often changed depends on collected fabrics, this procedure is fun indeed. I have a lot of stock of fabrics in my sewing room. But still I cannot stop to buy new fabrics, and I believe this is very common among people who makes quilts. Even if you don't use the fabric soon, I am sure the time to use the fabric will come. I just don't know when it is. I have heard from many quilters, "I finally used the fabric which I bought 10 years ago!" Depends on what quilt you are going to make.

I wanted to describe Japanese taste with western fabrics. Do you feel something Japanese taste from this quilt??

The size of this quilt is almost twin, cotton 100% batting, machine quilted and hand bided. This was a lot of fun work, always happy to work for my friends :-)