Amateur Radio

My husband takes much of his time for amateur radio. He stores a lot of radio equipment in the basement. He volunteers at a middle school for an amateur radio club for kids. He does a lot of work for a local amateur radio club. Last year, he had conflicts with conservative board members of the club. He worked a lot and kept being rejected. He started his own club at the community college instead of joining the local club and made connections with people in the college, then other local club members started to follow him. This year, the president, one of the conservative members, resigned from his position and the new president is my husband's friend. My husband initiated an event, Winter Field Day that is to enjoy and compete making connections with people in the US, as the amateur radio club of the community college, and the local club joined. Now, more and more people are joinning in his event. He is loved by many people, all ages and genders. I understand why.

He leaves the ra…

2 Charity Quilts

So, the tree quilt and somewhat-rail fence quilt with the scrappy blocks are done.

Tree Quilt. I think this one is pretty! It's fun with so many colors.

Somewhat-rail fence.

For this quilt, I am hoping the recipient enjoys the star quilting AFTER wash. Quilts look different before and after wash. I realize that simple quilting make nice shadows on the surface of the quilt but complicated quilting.


My favorite lady's daughter gave birth to a boy. His birthday is supposed to be the same as my birthday. I have not heard from the lady yet about the boy, but I have a quilt for him :)

I am happy being a quilter when I make a baby quilt for my friends.

A new pattern for charity quilts

Continuing from the previous post, about the scrappy blocks and charity quilts.
A big day.

Since most recipients of the quilts are children, I heard the basic guideline is to use bright colors. I think my scrappy blocks are OK but I, at the same time, was wondering if it is better to include icons that children know such as heroic characters, and/or symbols such as houses, stars, flowers, and trees rather than just a bright quilt. Adults already have eyes developed to enjoy abstract designs and colors, but children need concrete symbols to associate pre-existing (taught) meanings and then like the quilt. I learned from the Child Development class of PSY that religion and abstract ideas can be understood after high school.

I initially thought of making a similar quilt with black borders like this with these blocks, but they are just colorful and do not show a concrete image. The blocks that have cats, butterflies, and flowers are okay.

So, I made the tree blocks. 6.6" blocks * 4 -…

Chatty Moon Quilted Mug rug

The moon - an icon of the existence at high and never able to reach, bright and beautiful in silence, maybe in meditation at night that is why it is so quiet - but if the moon started to talk to you, what does it say? It totally depends on your interpretations so only you have the antenna to receive the particular message from it.

So, on these mug rugs, I wanted to depict the message waves from the moon. If you are interested in more of the details, here is the listing on Etsy.

I got some FQs in solid colors that I thought would be good for sky color with the moon - fabric for the moon is my hand-dyed with onion skin - on Black Friday sale.

This mug rug evolved from my convergent quilt that I learned how to make it from the workshop by Susan Kraterfield. The original author of convergent quilt is Ricky Tims. His books seem very popular. It is easy to find it at Amazon.

The convergent quilt itself actually has nothing to do with my moon mug rug, but the quilting pattern that I came up …

1000 sales!!

I achieved 1000 sales!

(A message from Etsy)

I didn’t expect this comes so soon, but it happened!
So, I offered 40%OFF for all items in my shop (actually offering now, but will end soon), but I have heard only one fav on one item and no sales so far. Well, I think the timing was not right as people spent a lot of $ for Christmas and it is too close from the end of holiday season. Also, the government is closed for a few weeks. It’s a hard time for many consumers.

The 1000th item was a binding tape that I dyed recently. The customer purchased 3 binding tapes and left a positive message about other items in my shop so I would believe she likes indigo and Japanese style. Since 1000 sale is special, I included my hand-dyed fabric as a special gift in her package.

Hope she likes them and finds a use for them. I actually have a lot of such fabric but have not decided what I want to make with them. I made two quilts with my indigo fabric, but they have not been sold for a long time. I enjoye…

A Big day

Yesterday was a big day.

I had five items sold at Etsy. The total items sold there is now 998, very close to 1000 items. I will have to have a big sale for the celebration once the number reaches 1000.

Two of the bird drawstrings bags were purchased by a customer, actually, these will make her 4th birds. I’m happy to know my “bird” grabbed her heart. The Korean alphabet quilt pattern and fabric set for the quilt are still popular items in my shop, as well as Japanese tenugui placemats.

Other than the sales, I had a productive day at my local quilt guild sewing meeting for charity quilts. Usually, the organizer of charity quilts prepares quilt kits for other members to sew, but it was different yesterday.

I brought my own blocks made out of scraps.

Since it is difficult to layout these multi-colored blocks, I usually bind the blocks with solid black. Here are two of the samples from my most recent charity quilts.

And, a XO quilt - This XO is my 3rd one. One went to charity, and my fri…

My newest quilt - American country style

I like American country style since I was a teen. The fabric pieces used in this quilt was a kit that my friend from high school kept for me. I had the blocks made for a long time, and assembled them into a quilt top in September, finally quilted it recently because I needed a quilt for my cat bed.


The backing was done with my favorite fabrics that I had kept for a long time as well. I fell in love with these fabrics at my first sight, as I am a fan of American country style, but did not have any good projects for them.

I am happy to see the good match of the quilt top and the backing in term of the style, they are my favorite, and the quilt is for my favorite cat.