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Flannel Quilt

I have a lot of flannel fabric that I bought on the Black Friday of the LAST year. I haven't made a quilt with flannel, but I anyway thought I would try and I bought them. I finally started to think that I would make it.

The flannel fabric I chose for backing has dark blue. I thought I need to prewash it a few times to prevent color transfer to other fabric before I start to make a quilt, and I did it. Now... the fabric has got a lot of fuzzballs, and it doesn't look new!! I was so shocked.... but anyway I am going to make a quilt with it for my experience.

The baby shower that I was invited was very fun! I have been trying to make a baby with my husband for a long time, but a baby doesn't come down from the sky yet. My friend who is going to have a baby girl let me touch her big stomach praying for me that I can get pregnant very soon :-) She liked the quilt which I gifted her, and other people seemed to like it as they asked me to make a quilt for them with yellow and gree…

A quilt for baby shower

I wasn't recognizing how long I was away from my Blog. I hope someone still looking at my Blog.

I was busy and upset since my dearest rabbit became sick, and I didn't have a passion to do somthing after his death. Now I am kind of going back to my usual life slowly thanks to my friends.

I made a quilt for my friend's baby girl who will be born the beginning of November. I thank her for making me feel that I want to make a quilt for her. After I completed the quilt, I got a passion for making another quilts, and finishing some of uncompleted quilts which I was working on before.

Time is passing everyday without my Charlie (the died rabbit). I didn't know there is such a deep grief. He passed away beginning of this August, I often have a dream of him, and he always die or I keep looking for him, find him already died in the dream. I often think how much stress he had in his life and can't stop to sob. He was a great rabbit who brought me a lot of benefits of life. We c…