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Roanoke Farmers Market.

It was a very gorgeous Saturday! Many people suggested us to go to farmers market in downtown Roanoke, so we finally did.

We found something interesting for later :D
We love history.

Items sold at the farmers market were mostly food and craft items as well.

I found a small rosemary that I was looking for since my classmate told me that rosemary increase human memory when inhaled before studying. I went to HomeDepot first a week ago, but they did not have it.

A beer store. They had a locally brewed beer. Interesting to see the package of their version of "We Can Do It!"

A beeswax shop was selling candles and I got the three - Asian religious figures. I am not sure if I can call them Buddha. The fat one is obviously not, maybe the female one is not as well.

Their calm (and laughing) faces give me a psychological relief. I actually want to have a real one at home so that I can talk to him/her when I am stuck, but it's impossible. I believe this is the same thing as that o…