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The first shipment from the new place.

I found the first sale this morning after re-opened my shop. And I received one inquiry for one custom order for a doll quilt. Unfortunately, I cannot make the quilt soon at this point since I am not in sewing environment yet. It dragged me out from woolly minded feeling that I have been in this month.

I had (have) a lot to do, but still it is hard for me to catch up real life. Things are going really slow on my mind, but the real life goes quickly. This month passed so fast, maybe the fastest in my life, but at the same time...., I cannot believe that it's been still a week after I came back from Japan.

I will stay at my friend's home on the New year eve to celebrate the New year :) New year celebration is the biggest event for Japanese, she must thought I would feel so lonely if I spend new year time by myself. We will go to the annual new year party on New year day. It will be fun. I would be able to see some Japanese friends there who I didn't see for a year.

My new place…

Where is my home?

When I think of my home, it was in Japan with my parents, and younger brother with his family.
It should be where I used to live with my husband before, but still I was feeling my home is in Japan.

Spending time with my family in Japan for 2 weeks, here is obviously my home, but my new place I have moved in is already becoming a home for me since my friends (feeling like they are my mothers) are warmly waiting for me to come back calling the place *home*, even though my new life at the new place is not started yet.

Left everything behind after the move, just brought my stuff in the new place, and took a flight to Japan. I didn't even have a bed to sleep yet. The home owner generously let me use her daughter's bed until I left for Japan, and now, my friends got a bed for me in the new place by I come home in the USA. I don't have to be frozen without a bed after I go back. I didn't expect this at all, I will never forget how I was impressed by my friends.

I was supposed to …

Salvation Army or Good Will??

It been a long time since I stopped to update this blog.
I have moved in the new place to live by myself at the end of November. Now, I am on vacation :) My new life will be started with my friends soon, and I am very excited about it. I do appreciate my friends from the bottom of my heart for helping me, thinking of me. This couldn't be done without their help, and I will need a lot of their help in future too.... I cannot tell how lucky I am that I have such wonderful friends since I moved in the USA. Thanks to my friends who are in the USA and in Japan, I feel I am not alone. I also want to be a person who can help my friends in my best when they have a problem. "Just tell me if you need help." I heard this word from my friends so many times.... Thank you so much. I hope my English speaking skill will be improved thanks to them!I have ordered a new laptop computer a few days ago, I would have my own computer in this month. Soon after I get it, I would like to open my e…