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I have made some wristlets lately.

Every time what I think when I am making wristlets for sale is "I want a wristlet, too...".
I have talked with my friend who also sells her works on Etsy, about why we don't often make something for ourselves but for sale. I usually think first for sale when I make something, and think "if this wasn't sold, then I can use it." In the same way, the quilts I use for myself is the one that cannot be for sale.

Many people said to me that I would make many things for my baby when I ever got pregnant. But my answer was "no, I wouldn't. It is time consuming, faster to buy." but I know to make is less expensive than buying..., so I may end up making.

Every time I go for grocery shopping, I just grab my wallet and car key to go in the store, leave other things in my car. It is inconvenient to carry them in one hand, and think about to have a wristlet. Maybe, I will make one for me, really special one! :D

Custom orders.

I am sometimes offered a custom order.
Most of the time, the customer let me learn by offering me their ideas that I have never thought. They let my world to expand.

I recently enjoyed the business very much with the lady who loves knitting -- TickledPinkKnits --.

Etsy: Your place to buy & sell all things handmade

She is a very gorgeous lady. I of course haven't met her though, her e-mails were always made me feel that she is intelligent, kind, generous, elegant...., I would like to say more about her, but unfortunately I don't have enough vocabularies :(

As you see her gorgeous knitting, she is obviously professional, her designs have been featured by many magazines! Wow!!

This was my first time to do custom order for my stationery shop!
I appreciate her for finding my shop and for liking my flower pattern. She ordered 90 thank you cards for her shop, also address stickers for a package.

I honestly wondered and confused a little that she hoped to use my f…


I have received a package from my mother today. She said she will ship it via SAL (between airmail and parcel, usually it takes 2-3 weeks to get here from Japan), but it came via Express mail (2-3 days).

I asked her to send me just for these.

Japanese tenugui.
Tenugui have very unique patterns, it's traditional styled Japanese hand towel. Cotton 100%. It much expensive than buying Japanese fabric, but the patterns are very attractive.

Not many Japanese company ship oversea, so I have to ask my mother to ship them after she received the package from the company. I make orders on the internet, pay by my credit card, and the address to be shipped is my mother's house.

I was expecting to receive a small package from her, but what I have received was a big box!

"Oh, mom! I am trying to reduce my belongings, why you now increase them :("

What did come out from the box?

Small bento boxes (lunch box).
They are really very small, it's around 1.5 inches.
My mom said in the letter t…


Thank you very much for being my friend,
Thank you very much for being there,
Thank you very much for making me happy by just thinking of you,
Thank you very much for giving me excitements when I can see you,
Thank you very much for letting me learn,
Thank you very much for worrying about me,
Thank you very much for letting me know I am not alone,
Thank you very much for your heart for me.

I am returning to my normal life with your hearts.
I think I can be stronger.

You all are the best, I am happy because you are there.
Thank you, thank you, thank you.