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Bumpy Quilt - as "Vege Garden Quilt"

Here is the bumpy quilt I had been talking about in the last few days :)

Since the colors remind me of vege garden, I name this quilt "Vege Garden Quilt".

I wanted the back to be unique, and wanted to play. So it became like this... 

For the straight quilting line, using a walking foot is common though, I somehow don't like it because of noisiness. My sewing machine (JUKI TL-98) has a feature of foot pressure adjustment.

I set it at the lowest pressure, and quilted with normal sewing foot. It beautifully worked :)

Now, the weather is for planting veges in your garden. I got some vege seeds and ready to ask my landlord for letting me use the part of her backyard where she let me do the last year :) 

I have a friend who has a little beautiful garden deck just for her cooking. Every time she invites me for lunch, she picks up some veges and herbs from her garden. I would love to have such a garden for me, too (>_<)! So, this is my challenge for this spring - summer …

Quilting in a hot day.

Yesterday was a hot day to quilt.
The quilt I had worked on was big enough to cover completely entire of my lap, I was glad the quilt had polyester batting. It would be heavy and warmer if it had cotton batting in between of the top and the backing.

The bumpy quilt I mentioned in the previous post was done! I am glad to see something different. Unfortunately, today is not a good day for picturing it because of the weather :(

Yesterday's evening, I found a little babies in bok-choy (qing-geng-cai) when I was cooking! Each leaves had a little baby in the layers. HOW CUTE!!!

Speaking of bok-choy, I have had delicious baby bok-choys just deep flied in vegetable oil ,without any coating like crumbs, when I visited China. I thought it was easy to cook at home, but couldn't have the same result after cooking some times. It was very good with beer and also with usual meals. I would like to try with other kind of oils when I find baby bok-choys next time :)

Bumpy Quilt.

Very nice weather today. A little windy though.

Starting to make something... I mean, "something" is a quilt though.
It is going to be bumpy and very simple.

Hope it will be done in today.
See you later :D


Just a note of happiness.

Fabrics I bought the other day.

Found nice color scheme when I went to shopping after purchasing the fabric above.
I think this is a table runner sold at somewhere a shop.

Surprised myself when I found these have the same color scheme.
It made me happy :D

New quilts - 1960's - maybe - 41x54

The blocks I had been working on (please refer to this previous post!) became quilts!

They are lap size, I believe.Since I made 29 blocks without making a plan, 11 blocks are left after making 2 quilts. 4 of them were used for a table runner (in progress), I don't have a plan for other 7 blocks. 29 wasn't a good number for making blocks, though, the black fabric I used for the center of the block made 29 pieces, and I didn't count how many pieces there were.
Here are the details!

These are the same quilt (should say very similar), but have different quilting pattern. I love to see how quilting makes a quilt. Depending on quilting, the quilt change the impression.
Here are the backs!

Which one do you like better?? I like the results how the blocks turned to be a quilt. 
By the way. The big unexpected quilt top which I showed in the previous post, if you checked it, was turned into strips.... it means, I can make more quilts in this pattern.  I am thinking to make it with …


The last Thursday night was hard.
After busy afternoon, I had to change a topic of my essay homework that I had been working on, which was supposed to be submitted Saturday in the class.
The essay isn't supposed to be a big deal as my teacher said "Don't take your time longer than 2 hours"; it is 5 paragraph Argumentative essay with any topic you would like. Actually I had spent longer than 6 hours for the ruined essay :( I might be taking it too seriously about writing homework essay, though, since the teacher really doesn't care about contents students write. He just needs to know if we are following the right essay style and English composition. However, I think I like to write. Even this little essay for English practice is one of my works.

To finish my essay, I had to drag my housemates into my problem of writing essay. I appreciate them always carefully listening to me whatever I say. They strongly suggested me to change a topic to something easier to wri…

His Dangerous Toy.

This morning, he brought this to me.

It was still alive a bit, half dying, half alive...Here is the video I took. You are such a big entertainment, Sonny....
Enjoy :D

Sunday Morning.

Good start....... for Sunday....

They must have energetic active night with a lot of fun last night. I wonder why I didn't notice that storm; must be in deeeeeeeeeep sleep.
I want you to share that energy with me, my adorable boy....

I got to torture him :D
He doesn't like to be kissed and hugged, so torturing him is a great pleasure for me.

Love you, Sonny.

What's this....

A few days ago, I opened one of my drawer for fabric stashes. There was a bag of full of stash, which was given by my friend almost/more than 2 years ago. They are old print, probably from 1960s. Looked for soft light gray in my room which may go well with the old prints, but didn't find. The last Monday's quilting meeting was at a fabric store, so I looked for light gray, but couldn't find. Donna kindly and generously gave me a nice neat looking light gray though, felt like it wouldn't go well with them and quantity wasn't enough for what I wanted to do. I feel like I may end up using it somewhere though.

So, AGAIN I looked for soft nice printed BEIGE which I couldn't previously find, so I knew I don't have... but tried again.

Well.... so I took solid soft beige and started to grow blocks :D
Here they are.

Sew, sew, sew and cut, cut, cut making strips and sew, sew, sew again.
It's fun.

While the first "sew, sew, sew", I noticed I did too muc…

Wonderful day.

Today was soooooooooooooo wonderful, just wonderful, really wonderful in any meaning.
I want to appreciate everything around me.
Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

Entrance Ceremony

My 2nd nephew entered elementary school.
He looks a little nervous. I am very sure he will be very popular in the class, but too naughty for teachers, who is just like my brother. My adorable, adorable boy, cannot stop wishing him a lot of fortune.

New Quilt - 3 -

They are done though.
Turned out VERY ordinal.

I made 3 quilts from the 40 strips. Cut 2 strips from each 20 kinds of fabrics, sew them together, and cut them into blocks, added frames or sashes or whatever it is called.

I'm a little disappointed that the plants quilting pattern didn't work out well on it (the first picture), it kind of too busy with a combination of vein pattern...

I will try it again with another one. Thinking to do it with white x oranges and orange variegated thread! Not sure if it works or not...

I'm done with my homework this week! I'm going to have a fun day with sewing and outing tonight! :D 5 of lap size quilts are waiting for me to be quilted; hopefully 3 should be done in today, then play with some other things.

Have a great weekend :)

"Funiculi, Funicula" vs "Oni no Pants"

"Funiculi, Funicula" (music)
"Funiculi, Funicula" Lyrics

Most of you know this song, don't you.
I had known this song only in Japanese version until my friend pointed out the difference between the original and Japanese one. This song to me is for a kid; I learned it when I was a kindergarten, but the original one is very cheerful and gorgeous!

I have no idea why Japanese changed the lyrics to about .... Monster's panties....

Here is the Japanese lyrics. I translated it into English; so, there might be some better expressions though, anyway.

"Oni's panties" -- Oni means Japanese monsters. Author unknown.

Oni's panrits are good
It's strong, strong

It is made out of tiger's fur
It's strong, strong

It's not worn out after wearing it 5 years
It's strong, strong

It's not worn out after wearing it 10 years
It's strong, strong

Let's wear Oni's panties
Let's wear Oni's panties

You, and you…