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Monsters quilt 2007 -- half way

I have been working on 2007 version of the monsters quilt.
2007 is almost over, should I say it's for 2008??

Since this monsters caught people's eyes, I thought I would make many items in their design, but it is tooo boring for me to make the same thing again and again. How stupid I am, I already purchased too enough materials for the monsters project on the Black Friday last year, so I need to finish the materials at least. So, I decided to make one monsters quilt every year adding new members. All of monsters are my original. To design new monsters are fun, anyway :-D

Here is the monsters for this year!

I have just done applique part. I have to add borders and frame on them, and quilt it! Fabrics used for this quilt is flannel. Batting is cotton, twin size. I believe this quilt is really warm you up though, can you imagine how hard to quilt this heavy quilt???? I prefer not think of it :-( Especially flannel is easy to be stretched, and it is very hard to move the quilt sandwich…

Half way Quilts.

Simple Polka Dot quilt!
It's ready to quilt, already pinned with batting and backing. I am still thinking what kind of quilting line I should choose.
The Polka dot fabric came from Japan. This was sold as one set of 6 fat quarters coordinated by the store. I have just added white lattices and frames and didn't think about the design very much though, I like this simple quilt (not a quilt yet though...) with modern design fabric backing!

Here is the picture of the backing.


Since I have made one quilt for my friend -- I don't post it yet because I am afraid of she could see it here. I will post it after she receives it. -- I enjoy the pattern of Windmill! Although I was kind of avoiding to sew diagonal until now, the method I see everywhere worked very well! Once I could figure it out that "it work!", I made this quilt top after her quilt.

The fabric for frame is designed by Tracy Porter. I think she is exclusive for …


I purchased one summer dress for my friend's child. Actually..., her birthday is end of May, so I think this item is a good gift for her. Although I know it is tooooo early to think of it, but when I saw this dress, all I thought was "Nice gift for her!", soooo I purchased!
Here is the description and pictures of the item.
Flowers on the ocean waves Summer dress

I received the item today from Japan! It was the best deal I ever had. I am so impressed the way of her business, and I thought I should re-think of my way of the business.

The package I received is this way!

The package was carefully covered with bubble wrap, and it is gift looking! I received small extra treasure as well. I believe this extra gift would makes people who loves "Japanese Kawaii Zakka" crazy!

And the Japanese stamps are pretty even!
This is my first time to advertise someones shop, it means I am really deeply impressed!

Here is her shop! The prices are very reasonable, and shipping seems actual…


This is lint after I washed 34 of Fat quarters.

I HATE to wash fat quarters since they tie up themselves with the lint! It's always hard to disassemble them after laundry. But this is what I have to do before I make a quilt.... awww...

Birthday party for my friend's baby.

I had a lot of fun with my friends at the birthday party for my friend's baby. The baby is almost 1 year old! Oh..., it makes me excited to think how bright life she is going to have. I sometimes feel I like to go back to my age around 25. Everything was bright when I was young, and I was not afraid of anything, which means I was unmatured even more than today though.

So many Japanese and their husbands got together as it was difficult for all of us to find a place to sit. I met 2 of new Japanese ladies! It's always fun to listen to other people's experiences, we chatted, chatted, chatted, and laughed, laughed, laughed. I didn't see them for a long time since the last February.

This is the gift I brought!

This is a photo frame or for something small. The lattices hold those. I made this out of the leftover from the Leaf fresh quilt.

I made a quilt for the baby when she was born last year. My friend (the mother) kept the quilt for a while saying "I don't want to ge…

Leaf Fresh Quilt

This quilt have found a new home soon after it was created.

My friend offered me that she would like to purchase it at the meeting of quilt group for her daughter's anniversary. I anyway bring quilts that I made to the meeting to show and tell so that we can inspire each other. I am very honored of her offer, I hope her daughter will like it and keep it for a long time.

I love earth colors (blue, green, brown) as her daughter, especially light and muted colors. Since this quilt is one of my favorite, I am so happy about my friend (or her family) keep it, and about she thought she would like to have it even she pays for it.

I asked her that I would like to bring the quilt back to my home once, since it's already on the list of my Etsy shop. I didn't think it's sold so soon, but I can't say 100% it's not sold yet.

She again offered me to pick it up at my home if it's not sold yet, and she visited me with her husband. I felt too bad about it though...., my husban…


I joined my quilt group bee after a long time. To see my friends there makes me very happy, even though it's sometimes hard for me to follow what they are talking about. They are so kind to me always, let me catch up with the conversations.

It was funny to know about the glue!
We were watching old group photo of elementary school students. One of my friend said "She is the glue." pointing one girl. I know what is glue, but didn't understand what she meant by "glue", other friends understood immediately what that mean. The first, I thought the girl could be a organizer who worked hard to bond the class, but it was totally different meaning! I have heard the glue is kind of tasty before. I don't want to try though.

One of my friend is moving to Ohio. I will miss her very much. She donated some Polka dot! fabrics and fabrics that is good for a baby quilt to me, and I was given really special thing!

It is sitting on my couch! :-) Pretty Japanese bunnies! It mak…


I seldom see a snake in my yard, but today. I am not really like repitile, but we all are creature on the earth.

My husband told me this snake is called as "farmer's friend". It doesn't do something wrong, but bring something good for us, it is not poisoned.

I talked with my husband about this small snake for a while, and got in home, ... and forgot about the snake.
In this early evening, I found the snake died in front of my mail box when I went to check mails. It was crushed by something, my husband and I are guessing that probably it was stepped on by a post office car, because the snake was really at the edge of the road. I dug a hole in my yard for his/her grave, and varied it... so he/she can return the soil.

It makes me really sad, we never know what will be happen even a minute later.
The snake might be a friend of a farmer, but not a friend of a mail man.

New Darning foot came!

I received new darning foot yesterday! So, I quilted, quilted, quilted...., 2 quilts that were ready to be quilted.
One is familiar for some people, which is crib quilt for girls, and other one is made by my first try ...., I don't remember the name of pattern..., the one similar to "trip around the world". I used the method of "Blanche and Helen Young".

This was hard contrary to my expectations! I mean, their method is great, but my skill was not enough for it :-(
Anyway, I think the quilt looks nice..., with my effort. What do you think??

Polka Dot Fabrics

I am lately crazy about polka dot fabrics..., since I joined one exchange blocks project of using polka dot fabrics with my quilting group. I was not interested in polka dot before, but I now feel like it's most prettier thing in the world.

You say "polka dot", but it's not only one kind of polka dot! So many kind of polka dot in the world!!
I have purchased some (...I should say "many") fabrics on ebay, this is the part of it.

I am thinking to make one polka dot sampler quilt with them... and I still have enough fabrics for other project.

I am wondering why quilters buy fabrics more and more, even we have enough fabrics for projects, still buying more and more. I have never know if I can spend all of the fabrics I ever bought, and store them for a long time...., and I may use it 10 years later..., but still buy more :-( Even I would use the fabric after a long time, I may be in trouble which means... I may have shortage of the fabric for a project, and it woul…

House Painting

My husband and I have been working on house painting since the last fall.
I finished half lower part of all around of the house (sides, front, back) including garage last fall, and my husband started to paint upper part of the house this year, and I was painting shutters.

Finally! The front of the house was done! I have been wondering for years why my husband's job is sooooooooooo slow to move ahead. Our house needs a lot of treatment since it's so old. We paint it by hands, not by spray.

The shutters color was white, and it looked darken color because of tiny moss :-( How odd looking the house was. The new color looks better!

Beautiful paint, isn't it!? I had to paint each of shutters 4-5 times fighting mosquitoes. Thin paint makes beautiful surface with a lot of work.

Fall has arrived here this year too! It means I have to work harder and harder to rake old leaves. It's tough job!

My free motion foot has gone (>_<)!

Oh my god.... My free motion foot died last night :-(
I have never thought about sewing machine foot can die, I thought it last until I will die once I got it.
I ordered the new foot immediately at the online store I have purchased before.


I was treated very good by this store the last time, they answer my small stupid question immediately, and shipping was so fast, they sent me a suitable screw for my sewing machine for free to use their foot on my machine since I let them know I had a problem with it. I was very happy to do business with them.

I ordered 2 of the new feet, I hope my sewing machine (her name is Lady) would not die before the 2 of new feet die :-( I have been thinking to get the second sewing machine though...., I have not get enough informations about what sewing machine is best for me yet.

Anyway, I have stuck at the half way of making a quilt. This is no fun :-(

Granny Bag!

How to make a Granny bag, today!

I was requested to make this tutorial :) Granny bag (Gramma bag) is very popular in this country, and there are so many kinds of them.
I hope you guys enjoy my tutorial :-), and hope understand my descriptions.... and I am sorry for some of pictures are out of focus (>_<). You are going to make one Granny bag, which is 8" height x 11" width x 3" depth.
There are many kind of Granny bag, so there is no rules that you should make like this.

What you need is ;
* 2 pieces of 14" x 10" fabric for front
* Same size of fabric for lining
* Same size of medium weight interfacing
* 2 of 3" strips of WOF (width of fabric : 42"-44") for Handles

I think people usually use pattern, but I don't use it. I just cut it as I desire and depends on fabric size... I am too lazy, sorry...

So, fold the front fabric in half vertically, and cut the top of it like this... as you disire.

Open it up, your front fabrics should look like this.