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Caw boy quilt.

My Japanese friend who went back to Japan from Utah a year ago, requested me to make a quilt for her boy in American style using fabrics you cannot buy in Japan. I was thinking to make it in baby style... but since she seems to miss the USA, and I had some cow boy patterned fabric, I decided to make it in American style.

The basic colors are blue and red.
Cow boy fabrics colors are .... dark....

I loved the fabric for backing - Roy Rogers -, I bought this fabric a few years ago at Jo-ann. I didn't know what I would use it for when I bought it, but I was attracted by it very much. And I am so happy that my favorite went to my friend's baby :) I didn't even know the name "Roy Rogers" as I was surprised at my husband so exciting when he saw this fabric. It was very popular TV program when he was a child, his dream at that time was to become a cow boy. He told me that he used to practice to shoot a gun every day using a wooden toy gun.

I brought the quilt to my quiltin…


Mangetsu means full moon in Japanese.

I have made these coasters imaging full moon, since this wonderful lady Mai - SIESTA (etsy shop) - mairuru (blog) - has been inspiring me. I am a big fan of her. Her works just make me smile, and warm my heart up.
She doesn't use sewing machine to produce her works. All sewn by her miracle hands!
I usually (I would sadly say "seldom"...) don't sew by hand, it really impressed me!
And you can see how often she adds her works in her shop! Is she sewing, sewing, sewing all day long? I cannot believe she keeps to create those cute things every day!! As for me, for a reason that I don't often add a item in my shop...., I would be able to say that I am busy for quilting jobs thanks to my quilter friends give me, and I have 8 rabbits to take care of, and.... house chores...? I know they are all excuses! X-(

Anyway, here are the coasters!

So..., I thought I would do a little hand sewing, and.... what I have done is these... Are you asking…