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This year, I literally had too many marigolds bloomed. They were planted to help prevent bug problems to my vegetables, but they just went to too wild.

I did not know marigolds can be tea and is used for natural dye. One day, when I held up uncontrollable bushes of marigold, I noticed nice fragrance and found they are useful more than for my vegetables.

So, I started to pick up flowers. They kept booming one after another until the middle November.

They were dried completely, and petals and seeds were separated.

Now, I have so many dried marigolds flowers, which would take forever to separate petals and seeds.

I wonder if the seeds will germinate. The color of the seeds looks lighter than ones on the market. If they do not germinate, I do not have to worry about cutting petals off from the seeds and just boil them together when I dye fabric. If they germinate, I am much more than welcome to share the seeds with anyone who want them.

I hope I can have time to dye fabric very soon!

Sea and Human Civilization - Snood story

Thought of making something with my favorite yarns that were stored for a long years.
I see snood is now a trend and looked easy to make, so started it. I thought the multiple colors yarn as human civilization and the blue yarn as ocean.

First, built ocean, and human civilization on it. I thought the colors of the yarn depicted various human activities such as architectures, literature, arts, blood, ground, right & wrong, love, politics, etc, etc.

When the human part became long, I got excited to see "orders" which is one of the human natures. But, I think another human nature, hierarchy, is missing. Anyway closed with another ocean (the other side).

The colors were perfect (to me), but when it was completed, "ocean" was too bulky and heavy when I wore it on my shoulder. So, they were removed from both sides, and the snood became a shawl.

Sad to see the ocean had to go since human cannot live without sea. It is true that we cannot deal with sea, but wanted …

I am really DONE with Fall 2016.

Winter Break!! - though, I have one paper to write for practicing of writing a research paper.

The fall semester ended on Dec 14 with good grades :) I appreciate the professors who worked with me this semester.

My new challenges from this semester were Chemistry + lab, as prerequisite for Human Physiology, and Critical Thinking. I had never taken any chemistry class in my whole life so I studied during the summer break the first 3 chapters of the chemistry book that is used in the class. I am glad I did that. Otherwise, I would not have been able to keep up with the materials. I now know the precious value of a periodic table. I feel the same kind of appreciation from a scientific view from a periodic table as which from view of humanity from a buddha statue. It has a LOT in it.

Critical Thinking was different. Since it goes under philosophy, the essays we analyzed and critiqued were "God Existence," "Ethical Relativism," and "Meaning of Life" written by…

Indigo Dye Experience (2)


Tools and Soy wax.

First, we draw patterns on the front side of freezing paper, and ironed the coated side on fabric.

And traced from the back side with melted soy wax.

After dyed, soy wax was easy to be removed by washing in hot water.
It was an interesting experience, and I now understand why batik fabrics are expensive.

So, I got some materials from GoodWill that would be able to use for future dye. It would be fun.

Tomatoes are finally ready to crop :) and we are enjoying them everyday.

These Japanese pumpkins will be ready around R's birthday.

Since they came out from kitchen garbage that I buried last summer, I do not know how I can save the seeds for next year. I guess I should bury it as it is, or just hope them grow next year from kitchen waste again.