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Okra Groves!

It is hard to believe that it has been almost a month since the last article was posted - but, I feel the past month seems like 3 months as well.

I have a LOT to write about, but just cannot keep up with :(

My friend since high school was visiting me from Japan 19 - 25 in July. We really had a lot of fun!!! - I would like to write about that, though... Once the switch of Japanese language in me is turned on, I could not stop talking, which probably my American friends would not believe it.

Thanks to S&R and Nancy who is letting me use her garden for okra, everything went so very well and smoothly during her visitation. It was WONDERFUL :D :D :D She definitely helped to make this summer special more.

So, here are the Okra Grove mentioned in the title!

They are growing and growing, now harvesting approx. 15 okuras every other day.

Nancy said "I told you...", but I did not realize that okra leaves and stems cause skin itchiness.... (>_<). I was wondering what makes…

Okra is Growing!

Nancy's Okras are growing more and more...!

I cannot wait a Okra party after harvest!!

Leaf Mugrugs

Made mugrugs with the leftovers from my tree quilt :)

These similar mugrugs - GREENs Quilted Coasters or Mugrugs - set of 4 - that I made 2 sets in the past were sold quickly. I thought I would make them in different quilting pattern this time.

They were one long piece. It was cut into 4.

Back side.

Another set.


Being cut and trimmed,

and bound :)

Hope you have a great July 4th! :D