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My latest treasury.

Into the deep.
Beautiful blues.

Thanks !

Generation gap from Body Scrub

I had my first time to use body scrub the other day. You may feel something odd from this post, but I am not a stranger very much.

I didn't know what body scrub is, because I have never used it.
The last Sunday, my first American friend Debbie gave me a gorgeous bath set. The body scrub was in the set, and Debbie told me that it is like a body shampoo to clean your body.

I tried it 2 days later. Put it on my mesh towel to scrub my body. I expected to see a lot of bubbles... but they have never appeared. I think, in my generation, something liquid or gel to wash your body, bubbles are supposed to appear when you rub with a towel. I thought I need to put it more on the towel maybe, but I got the same result - bubbles don't appear. - STRANGE!

After the shower, I asked my house owner - she is older than me - if she knows about body scrub. She told me the same as Debbie said, it is like a body shampoo to clean your body. She added that bubbles shouldn't appear. OH. She added more t…

Birthday party

I joined my friend's birthday party today. I don't have a car to drive around, so other of my friend came to pick me up. Thank you very much, Terri!

Here is the birthday cake for her :D

We had a lot of fun, I especially loved her house tour...! She has finished the house remodeling, and today was the first day for her to show off her awesome house...!

And...., birthday gift for me too!
Kirin beer :D It is Japanese brand. Thank you, Marsha!!

Now, I am getting sleepy...., I think I will go to bed much earlier than usual after preparation for the next sewing project.

The weather was a little miserable this morning because of sleet, but the time I had today was so gorgeous :)

Happy birthday (tomorrow), Nancy!!

My smiling Buddha

I am not a religious person at all, but I think I like to honor nature and ancestors along with Shintoism which is the primary religion in Japan. Buddhism is different religion from Shintoism, but I think we sometimes mix them together as one religion.

I have a one small smiling Buddha, it always makes me smile when I see it.

I got this cute Buddha in a famous pottery festival in Kyoto, Japan a long time ago, it has been with me for a long time and keep to make me smile.

A little craft topic that I have been missing for a while.

I knitted this bag with wool yarn..., and felted.

... It turned to be really small... too small...., what would I be able to use this for????

* Big Sigh *

Computer issue

Since I got a new computer with the newest operation system Windows 7, I worried about if I need to buy updated applications that work with Windows 7, but I had no choice. You cannot buy a new computer with older operation system. I used to use 2000 pro and XP, the applications I use are too old to be updated anymore, I was thinking I may have to buy full packages of them.

Luckily, Windows 7 pro and premium allows XP to run on the system, so I got Windows 7 professional for my computer. Since I am a very forever beginner of the computer world, my friend who lives in Japan has been helping me to solve any small problems, caused unexpected problems by changes on the computer, and setting it up. It is amazingly wonderful that he can operate my computer using remote software - Team Viewer -, I cannot believe that everything was done from Japan! All I did while he was working for my computer was to put necessary CD or DVD in the DVD drive, to turn on a hardware along his directions, and was…

Fell in love with a box.

I sometimes fell in love with a small things. It is usually with stationery, a little mascot, a small decorations.

This time was... with a box !

This box was made out of fliers and thin strings. I think it is an art.

It was very hard decision to make to not purchase this box.... but I don't like to gain my belongings anymore. BUT to leave it in pictures doesn't take room! :)
Very belated Happy New year! :D

Thank you very much for leaving me a heart warming comment for the last post. They support my heart to know someone who even I haven't seen in person cares about me. I am doing much better here than a month ago, things are settled down. I have been also having fun to see American culture that I didn't see when I was with my husband.

After the new year's day, the house owner's daughter's birthday party was held. Actually her birthday and my birthday is the same day! What a coincidence, this must be something special between her and me! Actually my husband has the same birthday as mine, I feel even something odd like..., "Again?!". Well, I am really happy about it since she is a very cute girl !

Anyway, this was my first time to see a birthday party as family gathering. It's hard for me to believe many relatives get together for a birthday party. I think this never happen in Japan. Maybe just a family might get together to c…