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Graduation Ceremony for Seniors.

Tomorrow is a graduation day for seniors. Since I started to study at Hollins, they were always somewhere around on campus, and I always had people who I can ask questions about Hollins. If I need to go to the registration office, they just took me to there until I am familiar with the campus. We call ourselves "Hollins sisters" and pass kindness and care to people to people. I will probably unconsciously look for my seniors after they leave the university and would take a while to get used to a life without them.

For a graduation gift, I made 10 sets of 4 coasters that has their graduation year on it.

Green and yellow are Hollins color.

I made drawstrings bags that go with the coasters as well.

This is what my seniors receive :)

I really appreciate their support during last year. As they did for me, I will help new students who start coming to Hollins - One of the wonderful traditions of Hollins.

Congratulations! They made it! Their future is bright. I wish them a lot of …

One year.

Hard to believe it has been only a year since moved in Roanoke. It has been like I am walking in a thunderstorm, every day just go so quickly. I think I gained gray hair more - some give me compliment about being myself, some suggest to dye so I look younger. I prefer the former.

Today was the last day of my second semester at Hollins University. I received some emails from my friends in Fairfax "Congratulations on finishing your first year!" and "May I send you quilts (to quilt)?" - Thank you!
3 semesters to go until getting a B.S., if nothing stops me. I plan to read for my thesis this summer.

Professors here are just wonderful, many of them are tough, but they are so passionate with their subjects to teach. There are four PhD. psychology professors and they are almost always in their office welcoming questions from students. I often stop by at my advisor's office to say hi so that I can practice speaking - he patiently listen to me even it is not about cla…