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Grocery Bag

Made a new style bag to me, grocery bag, today. It was fresh since it was my first experience.

I used a pattern from this flier that I got somewhere when I visited Japan in 2007.

I arranged the pattern a little because it didn't mention lining, and I wanted to make it prettier. So, I added lining and the patchwork border.

The bag is very convenient to carry things just like a plastic grocery bag. After completed it, I thought I like narrower handles better, so I will make it with narrower handles next time. It was fun.

I am glad that I found a use of Interior weight fabrics from IKEA that I bought several years ago.

See you :)

Appreciation in one morning

A cup of coffee and dietary protein milk put on steps in front of the front door. It was in one morning when I was rushing to the quilting meeting and was going to skip a breakfast.

Thank you :)

New Drawstrings bags

Sewing, sewing, sewing :D

I went to the botanical garden this morning before temparature went up - it was anyway hot though -. I am very happy to be able to see the beautiful lotus flowers!

I think lotus means a lot to Asian people. They appear in special scenes. For an example, the seat that Buddha is sitting on is lotus leaves. I have seen one Thai movie that depicted one girl's life who works for lotus field. She collects lotus flowers by a little boat and sells them at the flower market. I don't remember the detail of the story, but I remember the beauty of the lotus flowers, and her - she was a very beautiful woman.

I started work on drawstrings bags using the wool felts that I had received the other day.

3 drawstrings bags with a little different color variety. I am thinking to make some more in another design.

I have 3 kinds of placemats (set of 4 each) ready to be listed in Etsy. I will take pictures of them tomorrow, and they be listed sometime in tomorrow.

See y…

Summer Vacation!

Summer vacation for me starts from tomorrow! No, I'm already in it since my final exam was over! I think I did well :D As usual, I cannot be sure how well I did until getting the result. Since today was the last day, the exam is not returned indibidually. So, I asked my professor if I can pick up my paper (the exam) after graded. I want to see how well or bad I did on it.

I came home with my special beer after the final, and started to sew! R asked me if I wanted to go to the botanical garden since today was so pretty, but I anyway wanted to sew!

New simple Japanese place mats :D
I love the atomosphere, but they may be too simple for American people. They now look much better, in term of "fun", with binding done with batik in navy. Hope they find a new home someday.


This is what I am going to do during my summer vacation to pass the replacement test of Math at higher score so that I don't have to waste my time for taking Algebra classes. I didn't k…

Wool Felts

I received a very pretty pieces of wool felts yesterday!

Quilting Acres

I thought these pieces will make small items such as drawstrings bags, pouches, coasters very cute. I cannot wait to use them!

My summer vacation will begin in a few days! I have to go through the final exam before that though, I simply cannot wait the end of this semester. It was very quick, but I felt it was very loooooooooong at the same time. The result of the second exam was good! So, I still have a chance to smile at the end of this class :)

Hope you had a great weekend just like mine :)

Double meandering

I didn't know "meander" means a bend in a sinuous watercourse or river. This quilting pattern must be named from it.

One quilt top for a boy, designed and pieced by Judith Newman for her loverly family, I wanted to quilt it in simple pattern since it's for a boy (a man?). I thought that just a meandering is too simple, so I did it double with one brown variegated thread and one green variegated thread. I think it went well.

If the distance of each stitch was more apart, it might look like a double helix (! DNA !) which could give a different impression. Interesting, isn't it :)

One more weeeeeeeeeeeeek!

Finished the second exam of biology today.
So, a little special beer for me :D

Since the first exam resulted "so-so", I wanted to get a better grade from this second one; and, studied harder, I think.

Today's exam was almost perfect IF I read the questions right. I'm really so tired of reading the foreign language, English. I often go to Japanese website to learn the materials, not from the text book. I have had the end of a day many times that I don't want to speak any English because of exhaustion. My brain simply rejects a little extra effort even to say "Reizo-ko" (refrigerator) in English; I don't want to go out from my little room. Sometimes, a little sewing cheers me up and gets me back to normal life. Then, go to bed and forget about the exhaustion. When I get up next morning, a new enjoyable day is always waiting for me. So, I need sewing, or whatever I like to do, in my life. Because it's stressful to not have time for sewing, I star…