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How to make a Saikoro (Dice) pouch.

The other day, my friend showed me a cute dice shaped pouch that she made. I said to her it's so pretty, then she sent me a instruction through e-mail.
Since I was asked how to make it by my other friend, I decided to introduce how to
make it here. I hope you understand it :)

You are going to make this pouch.

The materials :

Fabrics for front and lining, and interfacing.
9" zipper, 2 pieces of cotton tape for tags for both side of the pouch. I used cotton tape for tag because I am a lazy person, but you can make it with a piece of fabric if you would like. Ribbon or just a piece of fabric is fine. It's for tags.
Each of the fabrics and interfacing size is 10" by 20". (I thought around 12" by 20" would be better after I completed the pouch.)
And you will need 2 of 3" by 6" pieces of lining fabric for piping later.

Layer front fabric and the zipper like this.
Zipper : right side down, Front fabric : right side up.

Then, layer lining fabric right side down…

Trying to make cotton tape.

I see many people use their own logo on fabric tape on their handmade products. The product with original logo looks nicer. I made 4 of original stamps of my shop during I was in Japan. I thought it would be nice to make my original small thank you card of my shop, and it turned out "I might able to make cotton logo tape with them!" because I found I cannot afford to order to a printing company for the tape.

I used aclylic paint for stamping. I have used this paint before and it worked great for stamping on cotton fabric.

Tip a little amount of the aclylic paint on the top of the sponge brush of stencil, and spread it using a top of a petbottle. And then, just put the paint on a stamp lightly little by little, then stamp on the fabric!

The logo marks looked great to me! Looks really like "handmade", doesn't it???
But I am worrying about if people feel "This logo is the EXTRA!". sigh...

The sakura patterned red fabric was also stamped by me. I stenciled wit…


Here it is cold (for me) in VA, since yesterday. I was surprised I felt cold temparture yesterday when I went outside to check mails. And still cold today too. It was very hot a few days ago. Strange.

I was looking at pictures that I took in Japan. These might be interesting for you, they were taken in grocery store.

Carrot leaves. I was thinking that I wanted to give them to my rabbits.

Shimeji -- Japanese mashrooms --.
I love Shimeji though, I haven't seen in my area.

Natto (fermented soybeans). I seldom seen foreigners to say "I like Natto.", but "I like Sushi."
They are stinky though, very healthy foods and tasty!

Eel! I love eel burned and soaked in sweet sause. My greatuncle used to have eel business, so I used to be given often when I was a child.

Tarako(salted cod roe).
This is very important item like Miso soup for Japanese to eat rice with. I love Tarako spaghetti! I brought many Tarako spaghetti sauce from Japanese trip this time. I haven't seen Tarako…

"Letter from Iwo jima"

I saw a movie "Letter from Iwo jima" with my husband last midnight. I thought my man (Clint Eastwood, ha-ha-ha) is appeared on the movie though, he is the director of the movie, not appeared as an actor.
I would say I was impressed about a person who is not Japanese made this movie, but that was all. Especially the English subtitles were so poor as it just explained what's going on, it would be very difficult for people who is not Japanese to understand or to feel Japanese culture. "Oh, Japanese crazy, disgusting!" movie, again. Anyway it's very, very difficult to understand other country's culture though.

I think I like to see movies drawn about wars, it doesn't mean I like violent scenes. I like to see history in some view point. I hate violent as I always push my face into my husband fat berry when I expected that kind of scenes would come, try to not see. I feel like my legs bone below knees are itchy and like the bones are upset when I meet those…

Keep making tote bags!

My sewing machine has been working so hard like a horse as I worried about it may pass away in very near future. I can't forget to give it some machine oil often!

This is the newest tote I made the day before yesterday.
I needed to use polka dot fabrics for "quilt block exchange project" for the quilting group that I am belong to. After I finished the blocks, I had some leftover of polka dot fabrics, so this tote was made naturally!

Please look at some works that my sewing machine have done :-)

And my sewing machine have just done a double size quilt either! I ask it for holding a long life... My sewing machine is not expensive one and has only simple functions though, I cannot think my life without it.


I bought this mannequin at ebay the other day. I wanted to have a model for taking pictures with for my sales items.
I was looking for a body form first, but it's too expensive for me. I am anyway not going to use a body form for dressmaking, just needed it for a photo model. I have only one person who I can ask for the model, but he is a big and husky man :-( not cute, or adorable, or beautiful for a model :-(
Eventhough he said, "Oh YES!! I can be your photo model!", how many people can get a good image from the photo of a tote bag with a big and husky man? Oh.

Anyway. I love my mannequin! I even gave it a name. Her name is Tsukiko in Japanese. "Tsuki" in English means "the moon", "ko" means "a child". Japanese female names often have "ko" at the end.