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Come little leaves... - Treasury -

Yes, fall is almost here!
Today is so cool, love the weather!
I am sad about fall in Virginia is so short every year and but long winter :(

Come little leaves... created by  Xanna's Jewelry Box

:: This treasury will expire Wednesday 5:16pm September 2 ::

Thank you very much :)


Sakura and Chidori

Sakura is always in my heart.
I love the small most beautiful flower. The color is also perfect, love the pink.
I made a big Sakura coaster set! When I saw the pink fabric at fabric store, couldn't refuse myself to buy it! It is Sakura pink!

Since my friend SiamSquare is hoping to have labels for her shop with Chidori image, I draw Chidori for it. Chidori means a small bird in English, which is one of Japanese traditional pattern. It is often used as Sashiko pattern too.
While I was drawing Chidori, I thought this small simple bird is actually pretty and easy to embroide.... ho ho ho.

So here is the Sakura coasters, and Chidori drawstrings wristlet :D

Things that Go Bump in the Night

The new 18 x 18 project from my quilting group.
We enjoy to describe ourselves on a 18"x18" quilt along one title.And this time, I took "Things that Go Bump in the Night" from some of
the projects.
we had to include one red fabric which was provided by the organizer
of this project, in any way and any amount you like.I didn't understand what its meaning when I first heard of it.I very easily fall asleep once I get in the bed. One or two minutes is
enough to fall asleep, and don't wake up until next morning! So I
don't have something scares me in midnight, but nightmare.The due is coming! It is September 11th.
Tried to describe nightmare on the quilt, and I feel like it seemed to
go well..., but it is very ordinal.... I think people's common image
of nightmare is like this.What do you think???Anyway :) I don't have to be in rush until the last minute to complete
this project!
I have finished :D

sewing needle

My first time to break a sewing needle :(

Goldfishes - Kingyo - Totes

Made with Japanese tenugui.
I love tenugui (Japanese traditional face towel)! It really has all kinds of unique patterns.

This pattern reminds me of "Summer".

.... this summer is going over.... it might be out of season... it was too late to make them?

Treasury -- going neutral --

Treasury "going neutral" selected by QuiltingGranny.

Very happy to know she liked my white quilt as much as she included it in her treasury.
Appreciate it very much :)

:: This treasury will expire Thursday 9:45am August 13 ::

A Pile of blocks for Japanese alphabet quilt.

I have been working on 4 of Japanese alphabet quilt.
Usually I make 4 at once to save my time. This pile is for 4 quilts top...! Really takes up my time to make a top, it is like a long trip once I started to make it.
Fortunately, 2 of them has been sold already and has been shipped yesterday and today :). I am always nervous until I hear from my customer thinking how they would like their purchase.

Now, I started to make a Katakana (other Japanese basic alphabet) quilt for a recent order. A customer can choose Hiragana or Katakana, both are basic Japanese alphabet. We have 2 kind of basic alphabet... Both are basically works in the same way, Katakana is generally used for imported things from oversea and also something we cannot (or difficulet to) transrate into Japanese.

I have had one customer who ordered a Katakana quilt for her granddaughter. Her granddaughter is going to have Japanese name, and she would like her to know how her name is written in Japanese, which is becaus…

My pleasure...

is this :)

I enjoyed the taste, but my husband hated it :(