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Sometimes my customers also make me feel better when I am depressed.
Most of people just pass by for one time purchase, but some people drop me a line, we start to make conversations. Some people remember me, check my blog, check my flickr page, and drop me a line again. I appreciate them for their time for me, I am very happy to know that they remember me. I really love my tiny business thanks to them.

I received one message from lucyellen06 last night, who I met on the flickr site and also she is my customer. She purchased one tote bag from me, I think it was ... almost a year ago? I remember it was in December, so should be the last Dec. I usually enclose something small free gift in the package for my customers, and it was a paper crane for her that time. Lately the free gift is a card since I started to run my stationery shop, or I try to find something they might like if I know what they like.

She did let me know that she enjoy the crane and gave me the URL of the photo.

I felt like…