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E-mail from my customer.

I have received a very impressed message from my customer who purchased my Japanese alphabet quilt in the last August.
I am very appreciate her for holding a feeling for the quilt to let me know how she liked it. So I would like to share her message here. Always thankful to have such a nice message!


Hi there!
Don't know if you remember me. But you managed to get a BEAUTIFUL baby quilt to my door a week before I moved to Japan. AMAZING. You were so nice and accommodating.

The whole family loves the quilt. Papa, Mama and baby! It has helped us learn our Hiragana!

When I wrote a review for the product on Etsy, I was rushed and in the process of moving. I wish I written a better review for this quilt. We love it so much! For one thing I thought it was too narrow for a crib but now I realize it is the perfect size for a crib blanket. It fits the crib perfectly and the baby can lay on top.

How silly of me to think it was too narrow! I…

Inu-hariko with Pink Sakura tote

Found patch-worked 2 pieces of fabric in my stash box!
I think I tried to make something long time ago, and didn't go well,
put them in the box.

Now, it turned out a tote bag :)

I used felt for interfacing for this bag.
I love the result most than canvas, normal interfacing, flannel.

Lacy natural white coasters.

Made those from leftover of quilt blocks, and some fabric scraps.
The original beige lace on the coasters were connected,
so I disconnected them and then, put each of them on the corner
to hide the cut connections.
I think this turned out so pretty, looks gorgeous :)


It was a nice bright sunny day when you have gone.
I bet you were happy all through your life with your mom.
You were always waiting for your mom to come back from work whining.
You followed your mom everywhere she goes.

I will never forget the day I tried to take you out for walking
when your mom was at home.

You didn't want to leave home because of your mom,
just wanted to go home from anywhere I forced you to walk away from home.

Your home is now very quiet,
I feel lonely even when everyone is at home because of much less noise.

When I see you again someday in future,
I will again share sausage and chicken with you, maybe turkey too.

I know you love it.

If you have a chance to come to see your mom,
please also stop by here.

I will love it.

Yuta entered elementary school!

My first nephew Yuta finally entered elementary school this spring!!
My sister in-law sent me a picture of him standing at the entrance of
elementary school that he goes to on the day of the entrance ceremony.
He has just stood up at the line of human society. I thought he was a
baby a while ago, but now he is a boy. I'm so excited to see his
future what happy things are waiting for him. It's our job to guide
him for being beloved person by people, giving him plenty of love
until he grown up.