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Fighting with BUGS.

The other day, R said to me “You are becoming a real farmer.”

I hope to become a farmer – I know I can work in our garden only summer tho.

To become a professional farmer, the person required to have knowledge of chemistry, bugs, relationships of all kinds of bugs and plants, weather, etc, etc! I do not understand why farmers tend to be looked down upon as a occupation. Their knowledge is practical and useful as well unlike people who deal with non-practical ideas and get high salary. It does not make sense.

R and I discussed briefly having a chicken in the garden as a patroller of pests and I would love to, but it is not our reality now, maybe next year or a few years later. Right now, we have Que to find rodents. She seldom attacks them, just watch, though, I really do not want her to have a contact with rodents since they carry diseases, but it is good to have a cat to discourage them to live in our garden. It is amazing she seems to scan her environment very quickly and detects…