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Summer Break!

The Spring is finally over, and I am totally happy with it, but not feeling like "SUMMER!!" since I still have to think of my thesis. My last day of the classes was so pleasant and I enjoy the last moment of no need to be prepared for a quiz.

I enjoyed crocheting charity baby hats instead of studying for a quiz.

This semester, this bag was always with me. It helped me as a tranquilizer which offered me a moment of making my mind blank.

I studied so hard this semester, and finished with good grades, but not sure if this worth for something. It helps me a lot to receive scholarships from Hollins, though. No debt after graduation is nice.

On the day that my last paper was submitted, I cleaned everywhere of my home, and put materials used in the classes, my notes, papers, and exams returned etc in the box of 'school' and pushed it away under back of my computer table. Next day, got some seeds and seedlings for my garden, and planted them.

It's really nice to have my …

Getting ready for finals.


Finals begin on 11th and the last day of this semester is 15th, but one paper due is 17th (!) at noon by the courtesy of the professor as he knows we all are busy with other classes. I could not do much with my thesis during this semester, so my advisor agreed to work with me during summer, starting on 17th that we have a meeting on that day.

I applied for one volunteer position for summer, but have not heard anything from the organization yet. Visiting a job fair or internship and volunteering opportunity fair is good to explore what my options would be. I still do not know what I am going to do after December, but I know I want to sew, dye, and continue etsy. R has been looking what I may like also.

Speaking of volunteer, I signed up for a volunteer position as a photographer for the Roanoke council of community service, last year probably before Thanksgiving. I finally heard from them middle of April, and I had my first event on April 24th. It was my first volunteer experienc…