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I am sorry for the silence, and thank you for your concern.

As some of my friends know, I am very busy especially since my mother has entered a hospital. The date for going back to the USA was rescheduled, I was supposed to be back on May 31st though, I still have one more month to go before the flight.
I honestly miss my husband, my rabbits, and my life in the USA. My friends have been giving me a great fun every time I see them, I love to have lunch or dinner with them.

The special thing I had the other day was I could go to 2 of Quilt show here.
One of them is of Ms. Masako Wakayama who loves American country style. I have not find an infromation for the quilt show though, you can have some idea of her works from her web site.

And other one is of Ms. Kathy Nakajima. Her Hawaian quilts are marvelous.
Quilts and patchwork are getting popular here in Japan also. I see many new fabric and craft shops here and there even in my area. And the popular styles are American country style as you see at Ms. Masako Wakay…