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Green check crib quilt.

Last night, I started to make the blocks of this quilt while I was waiting for laundry to get pre-shrink to the fabric for binding of the twin size quilt that I had worked on at that time. (Now, the twin quilt has been done! I will write about it soon!)

I couldn't stop myself continuing working on it, since more than half process was done when laundry and drying the fabric was finished. I thought I would finish this small quilt top making in the last night, and quilt it in this morning. And it has been done :) Those process really went quickly!

I took another pictures for comparison when the quilt were in process, how the quilt look like depending on which fabric you choose for frames.

They are all similar color scheme - sage green -. I ended up taking the green check pattern fabric matched with the other fabric used for the center part of quilt. The polka dot one looked a little weaker compared to the center part, and the other one looked a little dominant and I felt something is …

Doll blanket...

The doll quilt I made for my friend daughter has just arrived in Japan. My friend has updated her blog about it.

Pocomoco Diary

* This blog is written in Japanese, your computer may ask you to install Japanese language to see the web page, but just cancel it. You cannot see Japanese characters, but photos. *

What do you think? I think she needs blanket for the doll...

So, here is my blanket idea.

Timely, I got this adorable moda fabric at local fabric shop a while ago, and this was in "dog house" (on sale)! I thought this fabric is perfect for a crib quilt, so I got whole bolt - maybe around 7 yards left on it - which is available more discount.

I am thinking to place my little tree on the corner of piece of fabric, and use flannel as backing, quilt them without batting. Also..., planning to make a mat for sale in the same design with double batting :)

I think it's adorable though...., what do you think???

Rabbit note book.

Gift from Marina! :D

She is one of my friend from English conversation club.
I noticed she likes to do craftbooking when we talked about hobby at the club. I used to love this kind of things since my childhood, and actually had many of papers and supplies for it, but I have recognized myself that I will never have time to expand my craft world to craftbooking in future as long as I keep my passion for sewing.
So I decided to give the supplies to Marina, otherwise they will fade away in time, and I wanted to clean my room too...
I didn't expect anything in return, and I have told her that is not needed, so this was really nice surprise!

The other day, we enjoyed a class of photo frame making that she provided, I felt she is really good at teaching, well prepared! - She is actually a math teacher at school -

Unfortunately she is going back to her country on July 15, she told us that she already got a ticket :( OH...
Hope she keep enjoying scrapbooking in her country as a successful bu…

Custom tree quilt in green.

Custom ordered twin size tree quilt in green in progress.

Only tree here...

And it got many fruits.... Looks fun :D
The circle fabrics include seam allowance, so they will be shrunk after sewed on the background fabric.

Here is the original tree quilt.
Pink Tree quilt

One lady ordered it in green and in twin size for her son.
It's almost done, I am now waiting for fabric for binding that I ordered online! Yappiiii :D

Other twin quilt which the same lady ordered, is Korean alphabet quilt!
I have never thought of making a Korean alphabet quilt, I even didn't know how Korean basic alphabets look like. I have drawn them to make a pattern, traced them from pictures of alphabets.

And already cut fabrics for the background, here is the color pallet - although it is drawn as a Japanese alphabet, they will be in Korean alphabets.-

I am excited to see the completed quilt!

Mini quilts.

My first mini quilts!
One is pink borders with swirl quilting,

and, another one is floral white borders with flower quilting.

A while ago, I promised my friend to make a doll quilt for her daughter Hana, since I read her blog about Hana is really into playing with a doll.
I've been busy, but if I didn't try to find a time for it, I wouldn't be able to make if forever. So..., I anyway started to make it, piecing some strips.

I thought I was making one doll quilt, but what I figured out after finished piecing strips was it's too much quantity for one mini quilt. I decided to make 2 more similar quilts with the "leftover", and here are the result :)

I like to make a flat tote bag to describe my world, I feel like the flat surface of a toto is canvas to draw. Since I have got a passion to make a mini quilt, I may want to use mini quilts as a method of drawing... It will be fun.

Bag from mairuru.

Custom bag from mairuru - SIESTA -!

Many adorable circle embroideries by her :D

I got this bag and have been enjoying it very much as take it with me anywhere (really)! It's super perfect to carry my knitting or crocheting project, the bag fit and stays on my lap very well when I kill waiting time at hospital, car repair place, etc.
I told her that I am going to use it for carrying my knitting or crocheting project, then she attached 2 big pockets inside to store knitting tools. How nice she is, isn't it.

Each of her items I see on her shop and her blog are soooooooooo adorable, I really feel myself what I want to make is those kind of things like her makes. I could not resist myself to order one tote for myself, wanted to feel her handwork closer.

I remember my small treasures in my childhood, they were really small mascot, or something pretty but didn't know what it was for, or a small pouch, etc. I used to take them with myself everywhere even to school, those of things j…

My first craft show.

I participated the craft show as a vendor for my first time at Fox mill elementary school in VA last night. It was excited experience!
I saw only 5 vendors in the show..., actually it was for Japanese festival.
I didn't know until my friend told me that the school provide classes to students in Japanese. I heard there are such 3 schools in VA (and maybe including in MD). I have never thought about classes in Japanese in the USA. I saw so many Japanese there, and teachers of course speaks Japanese very well. All of room signs are written in Japanese as well. Most of children in the festival wore yukata or beautifully dressed up not in Japanese style, there were some entertainments for children like karaoke, chorus, movies, Kingyo-sukui (goldfish scooping), some kind of Japanese foods, it looked so many fun! I really wanted to be a kid having fun there instead of standing on the corner to sell my product.

I actually expected a little larger fair, but it was good for me for my first tim…