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New Year 2007

The New Year is coming! I miss Japanese celebration of New Year. I think Christmas is most important celebration in the USA, but New year celebration is most biggest celebration in Japan. It's like Thanksgiving + Christmas. We don't exchange gifts though, children get very special allowance called "Otoshidama" from adult relatives or adult friends.

My husband and I will go shopping for New Year items tomorrow, and celebrate for the new year. We will be a drunk at home (ha-ha), and dancing, chatting, and greet each other for continues happy life for 2007.

I do this greeting to my mother every year even on the phone. I make a call to my mother around 11:45pm on 31st (new year eve) and greet her when we meet the new year.
A years ago when I lived separated from her in Japan, there was one time she didn't pick up the phone from me. This is traditional for us, I thought she might be sick and couldn't pick up the phone. She should know I make a call on the time. I wor…

My Christmas day.

Today is the Christmas. I am not a christian, I don't celebrate Christmas. My husband and I don't have any religion. But I love to see holidays season, people look so fun, love to think about gifts to give my friends. I hate to go shopping after Thanksgiving, especially to Wal-mart though. It's even difficult to find a parking place. Oh, exculdes "Black Friday". HA-HA-HA-HA. I love to go to Jo-Ann fabric store on that day!

I mentioned we don't celebrate Christmas. So we don't exchange Christmas present. I am sad a little about this. Tomorrow is our 3rd anniversary day, but we can't go to even restaurant since my husband is not feeling well after the surgery. I hope he will get better by our birthday! (Jan.7) please!

I had a big fortune yesterday. The second Monster Quilt was sold yesterday!! I felt like the lady who purchsaed the quilt brought me a Christmas present. The quilt is so expensive for me, I would not be able to afford this price if I don'…

My beautiful girl.

Here is my beautiful girl, RingRing. I succeeded to take good pictures of her cute and beautiful face! I thought I have to show them off to everybody. I believe she is truly a beautiful lady if she was a human. She is very positive to alive. I often think about her as my friend told me, "Animal never think to give up their life. They accept all of their condition positively." I think that's very true.
She is paralyzed below the waist by a car accident. My husband has been trying to make the best wheel chair for her, keeps modefiying.

When she is in the wheel chair, she moves like a normal rabbit. She chases after her brother Rusty, shakes her head happily trying to jump. Unfortunately, she cannot junp, to hop, but looks like moving freely in limitation, she controls the wheel chair very well.

Since my husband got a surgery on Dec. 12th, he has been in the bed all the time. I think RingRing is waiting for wearing more comfortable wheel chair. We hope he gets better very soon…


I made a Furoshiki yesterday.

Furoshiki is a piece of big fabric -- wrapping cloth --, we use it as a bag, as wrapping paper.

Furoshiki is very convenient to use. I don't have to think if a thing that I am going to wrap fits or not like a bag, and I can carry it conpactly in my bag. When I need extra bag after unexpected shopping, I just take it out from my bag, and use it like a bag.

This Furoshiki is big, 60"-69" in size. Furoshiki size is vary according to what you wrap. My mother even use it to wrap bedding to store.

General Furoshiki that taking with you is less than a yard square and material(most of them are polyester) is very thin, to let it store in a bag, and polyester doesn't make wrinkle easily.

The Furoshiki I made is actually for quilts in order to bring to the quilt club for show and tell, made with cotton 100% fabrics.
More than one and half year ago, my friend sent me Yukata fabric from Japan. I have been thinking what I could make with them, and finally…

Christmas Party

The last Sunday, I went to Christmas party which my husband's company provided. My husband was walking ahead of me in the party room in the picture.

The last year's party was so great as it's like a movie. A lot of fruits, delicious appetizers, beverages, nice foods! The party was at the president's house. But... this year's one...... was ....

The party place was in an event room of Golf course. We were given 2 tickets for drink, the main foods (buffet) were just 5 kinds : pea, mash potato, salmon, chicken, roast beef, which were so greasy. My husband and I don't eat meat. So, we ate a lot of salmon, mash potato, and pea.

Anyway, it was free. Free is great :-)