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Moving Forward

Dec 31, 2014.

I completed moving out of the place today where I lived for 5 years.

My initial plan was to move out for transferring to a 4 year institution, but the transferring plan was postponed from Spring to Fall, and since I initiated discussing with my landlady about me (and R) moving out, it prompted her to have a future plan for her life.

R and I started to look for a new place to live locally, and one of my quilter friend kindly offered us to live together for the next 6 months until we leave this area.

I remember the days of the first year of my living where I moved out today just like it happened yesterday. I did not have a friendship with my landlady before, but when I moved in, she was very helpful as well as my quilter friends. She respected my way of life, gave me things that I may need, took me shopping when I needed, became a witness for my divorce, and kept low rent for me and never raised it.

It is kind of scary for me to leave her support, because I do not have …