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Summer 2018

It has been a long time since the last post.
It is better for my brain to write long sentences for a blog than posting on Facebook or Twitter, but FB and Twitter are too convenient, which is one of the ways of killing humans brains. We are leading ourselves to extinction by making ourselves weaker and weaker to wild nature. The mental and physical separation between us and nature has been growing further and further.

Anyway, I think I would chronologically record here the main events happened from January 2018 up to today.

In January.
I took a short winter hiking class called "Winter Wondering." The class had about 15 people and I was the only old woman except for the instructor. All others were traditional students. It was another life-changing experience for me - actually the encounter with two biology professors last year is my treasure. This class was offered by one of the professors. I took this class because I wanted to spend time with her as long as I can. I seriou…