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Quilting for Beth.

This beautiful batik quilt was made by Beth, and quilted by me.

She brought beautiful variegated thread for machine embroidery with the quilt top, this was my first time to use machine embroidery thread for quilting. I usually use mercerized cotton thread for quilting. I had a little concern about embroidery thread might be too weak and too thin for quilting, but it seems very good. Moreover, it enhance the quilt beautifully.

Thank you very much, Beth for letting me learn :)


Blue, blue, blue.
Melted candle in the tin.
So beautiful.

Got a treasure before going to bed :)

A Gift from my sister-in-law

The other day, I received a package from my sister-in-law.

The contents was pictures of my nephews, drawings drawn by them, and a letter from her. I put the pictures on my board so I can see them when I face to my computer!

The board has some pics behind of my nephews one, I am so sorry they couldn't win my nephews...

The Japanese sentence says : Kyoko, come back (to Japan) soon and teach me English

And their drawings.
I put them on the wall, again I can see them when I face to my computer :)

And today!

We have a long national holidays in the first week of May called Golden Week in Japan. My sister-in-law had hoped to visit the Tokyo Disney Land as a family trip for at least 3 years, and finally they made it this year!!
She sent me bunch of pictures of the trip, I am so happy to see in the pictures they had a great time!

Yuta - 7 years old.

Hayato - 5 years old.

Takeru - 1 year old.

They always make me happy! My sister-in-law knows enough of it, so she anyway send me pictures of them or let …

What does inspire you?

What do you get inspired by?
For me, most of the time, it is fliers and newspapers.

For example, like this.

A quilt with orange color, green, yellow, red and gray.

When I saw this newspaper, one modern quilt with this color scheme came up to my mind.

Always fun to play with colors, isn't it? :)

Quilting for Cathron.

This quilting was done in this early April for Cathron who is a member of our quilting group. The quilt top was made by her, and I quilted it.

And one more!

The quilts size is both 52"x66". I am quite comfortable to quilt this size.

I have tried a new quilting design. I have seen many quilts which was done by computerized quilting machine. I don't exactly remember the quilting design, but tried to make it similar. I am very happy that she liked my quilting!!

New cell phone case.

Got this super adorable cell phone case from Gwen,
Dancing In The Rains.

This cell phone case makes me smile and makes me happy,
every time I use my cell phone.

Her cat illustration is very special and means a lot to me :)

Thanks, Gwen.