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Quilts in December 2017

My winter break began on December 15, and I made three quilts by now, also, quilted for a big quilt and a small quilt for a customer after a looooong time. I felt it is getting harder for me to do because of presbyopia, though, I appreciate there are still people who ask me to quilt from my old address.

R and I were planning to visit friends in our previous place after Christmas, but we could not hold the place to stay this time. Instead, I can join a meeting of my new quilting group for making charity quilts activity. I think I will have fun.

So, about my work in the last 7 days!

Sometime in November, my friend asked me if I can make something special as a Christmas gift for her daughter who loves Japan and cats, so I promised to start working on it after the fall semester is over.



The backing is a fabric that I dyed this past summer. I thought it is convenient to have a stock of this kind of fabric - so I would do a lot of indigo dye this coming summer, maybe a few t…

Thoughts after my last semester is over.

My last semester was finally over. I will walk in May 2018 for graduation with a degree in B.S. psychology (major) and environmental science (minor). But, I do not have a feeling yet that I am done with school. I am still working on my thesis, the due was postponed to the middle of January, because I could not get it much done in fall due to the process went inefficiently. Also, I am taking a short term class in January. I do not need credits for my degree anymore, but since my university issue a degree only in May, I can still take a class until May. Especially, the short term class is free for students who were full-time in fall. It is with one of my favorite professor. I am looking forward to it. When all are over, it will be the time for me to leave, and I will desperately miss my professors.

What college education brought me is a chaos. It introduced me a lot of perspectives and interpretations of wild nature, as that is the only way for humans to understand the world, which we …

Fighting with BUGS.

The other day, R said to me “You are becoming a real farmer.”

I hope to become a farmer – I know I can work in our garden only summer tho.

To become a professional farmer, the person required to have knowledge of chemistry, bugs, relationships of all kinds of bugs and plants, weather, etc, etc! I do not understand why farmers tend to be looked down upon as a occupation. Their knowledge is practical and useful as well unlike people who deal with non-practical ideas and get high salary. It does not make sense.

R and I discussed briefly having a chicken in the garden as a patroller of pests and I would love to, but it is not our reality now, maybe next year or a few years later. Right now, we have Que to find rodents. She seldom attacks them, just watch, though, I really do not want her to have a contact with rodents since they carry diseases, but it is good to have a cat to discourage them to live in our garden. It is amazing she seems to scan her environment very quickly and detects…

"You are in my prayers"

R's relative's mother has passed away yesterday.
The email from her included the phrase "Keep us in your prayers" which is very common in the U.S. Her email was very short and I have met her only once, but when I saw the phrase I felt what I did not feel before due to lack of my understanding of American culture.

6 years of college education (actually 7 years including an ESL year before being able to take credit classes. I took my first PSY class (101) in 2012 January) taught me a lot about the U.S. A lot of negative things, but people are the same everywhere. Culture, including religions accordingly, gives us a different mind set that derived from ways of survival based on what and how much resources we have. It's not something to fight about pursuing righteousness, we are just humans that can adapt environment.

I shrunk a lot by realizing how much I don't know and R knows much, much more than whole of my life, but my quality of life increased very much. H…

Gardening Days

A month has passed since my summer break began. I have been enjoying working in my garden every day, which can be actually physical exercise by digging or tilling the ground to make new beds, transferring compost to the beds, and carrying bricks to frame the beds, etc. I got tanned this year as well as last year.

I am trying to do organic garden which rely on the ecosystem in my backyard to grow vegetables. I see there are many earthworms under the soil this year. Once a nice ecosystem is established, I do not have to worry about taking care of pests, sickness of plants, and fertilize the soil because all would be taken care of by the nature. I still need to protect leafs from butterflies trying to ray their eggs on by covering them with nets or something, though, I do not need pesticides and fertilizer also no tilling after the first year, which is the whole point of an organic garden.

I am realizing that I am taking more time to make compost than working with soil and taking care …