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A bib is so pretty! I feel like it's kind of baby's one point fashion. I wish my rabbits would like to wear that kind of dress. They would look cuter, but I know they hate it :-(

I see many bibs with a great deal with personality in the USA. I made some bibs made out of the material of leftover of gauze baby blanket, and it is fun to make it like tote bags. Gauze fabric for me is always the best for a baby, so to make a bib with it is a good idea :)

Front Page!

It was really surprising and unexpected thing!
I have received 2 messages from my friends (Thanks Liz! Thanks Luna! Can I call you "my friend"?) that is saying "Congratulations! Your tote bag is on the front page (of the handmade site Etsy) this afternoon!"

And I have missed it!! (>_<)(>_<)(>_<)(>_<)(>_<) <-- A lot of crying.

"Front page effect" is amazing!
I didn't see if it was a true or not by my eyes, but I can say it was a true happening, since I see so many people took a peek at my shop.
The tote that was on the front page (the picture is above) was viewed 1068 times, and it was around 60 this morning. Nobody didn't mark it as favorite item yet. Other items were also viewed a lot as unusual, people who marked me as their favorite was increased a lot as well.

I sold 5 totes , and 1 of my original pattern in today.
Wow, thank you Etsy! :-D and Thank my customers who support me so much!

(I have to sew more!)

Dyed fabrics.

Here is the dyed fabrics which I was working on. I think I like the result :) I hope I will like the quilt I am going to make. I never know if I like it or not until it is done.

Yesterday, I went to our (my husband and I) favorite Thai restaurant after a long time. It was for celebration of our birthday, and their food was good as usual :-D
Siam Classic Thai Restaurant
I have tried some other Thai restaurants, and here is the Best!
I love Indian foods, Thai foods, but I am not really love spicy food. I had Thai wine last night, and it was new taste to me! Wasn't bad at all, it was good! I love Thai. I have visited there twice. The weather is always hot there, so I haven't tried wine there. Always beer! Beer is the best when it is hot.

After the restaurant, we went to wine shop to get wine and beer (enjoying alcohol a lot! ha-ha-ha). To enjoy alcohol occupies half of my life enjoyment. My mother and my brother cannot drink alcohol as they have hives, or throw out with a small amoun…

Dyeing fabrics

My next quilt should be like this... I am trying to describe the four seasons with my trees. Starts with Spring and ends with Winter.

I decided to use solid light color fabric for the each season's upper side, and patterned similar colored fabric with the solid for the check pattern. I know it would be difficult to find enough light color solid fabric that I want for this quilt at local stores in my area, so.... I am dyeing natural white color fabric to the color I want though....

This is enough tough job! It might be faster to find the right fabric for the quilt online (but it's costly) :-( I am not sure how many yards I am going to waste.

The first color I picked up was pink for spring.

This is the dye powder I used. I didn't use much amount of it because I want light color.

And this is how I folded the fabric. I don't want completely solid, batik looking is fine!

Put the fabric in the pot....., and left it in hot colored water for 2 hours.

And the result is those...
These …

Thanks for many Birthday wish for me.

Today is my (and my husband's) birthday.
I received many messages (yes, I would they are many :-D) through e-mail, e-card, real card, comments on my Japanese blog, telephone, real words at Quilting group meeting from my friends. I appreciate them for remembering my birthday, and taking their time for messaging! 

There is nothing to do with my birthday though, the picture shows my rowdy rabbit Jeb. Took this picture from top holding him on my lap.
He looks so fat, but actually not that bad. He is Florida white which has thick fur. His fur is so silky and beautiful. He became a model of my Monsters quilt.

He came from a rabbit rescue society. According to them, he was abandoned and left in front of a vet with a cage. I am with him 1.5 years. To be honest, I understand how the last owner felt for him :-( He fight with everybody (human, rabbits), attacks and bark at me in madness everyday. He comes to me only for food.

Usually it takes a long time for rabbits to get along with human to liv…

A letter from my sister-in-law.

A few days ago, I received one letter from my sister-in-law. She is always very nice to me, I really appreciate my young brother for choosing her as his wife. She brought me 2 adorable nephews as well. They are like my reachable angels. I don't exchange letters or e-mails with her often, but I feel she thinks of me as her family.
She e-mailed me when she knew I had got pregnant, and she wrote me a letter this time when she knew I have got miscarried. She said in the letter that "I don't worry about you so much because I know you are always a positive person.". She enclosed 2 pictures of her sons (my nephews), and their drawings. I was so impressed and glad to death.

Accoding to Yuta (my first nephew : 3 years old), a person who is looking up is me. He even drew 7 of my rabbits around me :) And the bottom letters(?) written in blue color is his name..., but it's un-readable actually.

According to Hayato (my second nephew : 2 years old), something on the left top cor…

New Year's day.

How is your new year's day?? I hope you all are having nice new year's day.

Mine is so, so :-)
I went to a hospital to get blood check in this morning, and went to grocery store to get some sparkling wine, wine, beer, and cheese after that.
I know I should not buy wine at a grocery store as I believe they don't know proper way to store wine. Wine easily change the original taste depends on how they stored. I used to enjoy good quality of wine which I bought from a wine company, and enjoyed tasting parties that the wine company provided in Japan. I had to stop to buy wine from grocery shops since I knew the taste is a lot different from the one came from the wine company and grocery shops between the same brand of wine.

I love to enjoy the special occasion with the wine glasses that my friends gifted me.

The wine I got today was ... not good :-( as I expected. I have no idea if the taste was changed because of the storing way of the shop, or it is original. And the sparkling win…