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Busy Sunday.

Korean alphabet quilt progress.
I have 2 more weeks by due, but want to finish them much earlier by then.

Blocks for 6 Korean alphabet quilts! 40 alphabets x 6 = 240 blocks. Phew....

And 3 small pieces quilting job from my friend, should be done in today since we have a regular meeting tomorrow...!

Made a matched card set with the cat character yesterday (maybe... not sure... I cannot remember days anymore.)

What do you think??

OK, get back to work!!

Got up with a cat.

This cat.

I got up with a cat in my mind this morning.

I think this happens to many creators though, once you thought "I want to make this NOW!!", you will start to make it even when you are behind of schedule what you have been doing, or even in the middle of what you have been working on.

I now have been working on 6 Korean quilt orders, I should not have time to do something else. But that happening approached to me this morning, and I started to draw a pattern of it before brushing my teeth.

I made it as a large mascot size, but I think this would be much prettier when it is a cushion!

What do you think??

Brownie from Susan

Found this on the kitchen counter this morning.

My happiness. She made my day :)

My Valentine's day

How was your Valentine's day? Hope you all had a wonderful one.

What I did yesterday was, this!

Cutting English alphabets out from fabrics chatting with my friend through Skype to make a English alphabet quilt. Actually..., making 4 quilts at once to save my time. One is for a custom order, one is for my friend's grand daughter, and other 2 will be for stock.

It is kind of fun process to do chatting with my friend. I used to do this process by myself quietly in my sewing room thinking "OH, this kills my hand with scissors...". Friends always make things easier, don't they.

Now, each of the alphabets were glued on a piece of fabric, ready for being stitched around of the shape. Hope everything is done in this week! The one for a custom order has to be done by this Friday!

Blue, blue, blue -- Deep sea

Jelly Roll!
Jelly Roll, anyway!
My friend Debbie generously gifted me this jelly roll!

I thought I would describe deep sea.... and it turned to be this way.

Kind of...... dirty?
Kind of...... too busy?
What do you think??

I added orange and green batik to them. I thought it would look like corals or colorful fishes.

It is a twin size quilt. I need to work on it some more, and it will be quilted by me. I have to work hard! :)