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Drunkard’s Path quilt - Japanese scraps (3)

About 100 blocks are done!

The blocks were sewn together and the top is done!

I think I would title this quilt "Folklore" because the little scraps have a story to tell, especially ones in traditional patterns.

Before the final decision of quilting pattern, I made a table mat with some of the blocks to see whether the quilting I have on my mind would work.

I think it is fine, but may change it slightly. Since it include hand stitching, it will take time to complete.

By the way, many people wonder how I can quilt a big quilt with a regular sewing machine. If you are interested in finding a different way to quilt with a regular sewing machine, I would recommend to change a position of your machine on the table - from horizontal (normal way) to virtical (shown in the picture above). This way, a big space for your hands to move a quilt on your machine becomes available. Some people use a machine built in a table and cannot change the position, and some people just cannot chang…

Drunkard’s Path quilt - Japanese scraps (2)

Some quilters say sewing a circle is hard, but it is easy when fabric for background comes on the top of the circle (and if you do not mind to do a little hand-stitches). I do not have the patience to sew many circles by applique, but sewing a circle into the fabric (well, big circles).

I took some pictures of my process of my drunkard's path quilt because I wanted to show how easy it is. There is no pattern for it nor marking on fabric. It does not have to be accurate, which is enjoyable for many quilters.

First, pick up fabrics for background (BG) square and a quarter of a circle (QC). My background is 6.5 inches (6 inches finished) square. QC needs to be slightly smaller than BG. My QC is pieced from scraps. I usually do not take a measurement. Just eyeball it. When I find it's too large, I just trim it. It's from scraps anyway.

Layer them the wrong side of BG and the right side of the QC together. The two square's corners need to be met.

Pin the two at the top an…

Drunkard’s Path quilt - Japanese scraps (1)

I think I like to sew varieties of scraps together. I somehow feel like I have to use them up. Also, I like to see diversities (individuality) when I forcus on a micro world. I like simple design when I focus on a macro world (collectiveness). So, I like both busy and simple designs. A micro world is within a macro world, maybe that is why I feel like a scrappy area needs to be confined by a single color.

I also love circles. I tried the simple circle design on the placemats (below). I enjoyed the colors and designs but sewing it was not as easy as I expected. I think the circles were too small to sew comfortably. It would have been much easier when they are larger. Since I did not use the method of applique, the background fabric needed to stretch to be turned in on the circle, and it did not stretch well - I could make bunch of slits on the eges of the cut-off circles, but I did not.

I still wanted to sew curves and wanted to make circles. It is easier to piece a quarter of circle …

Baby Quilts for my friend's babies

I recently found two babies were born in my friends.

When I hear a baby birth, my ears pop up and feeling of "I have to make a baby quilt!" comes to my mind like a tsunami. I want babies to be happy, wish them to have a good childhood that leads to good adulthood. Happy adults will make a good society.

One is Winnie the Pooh.

I did not want to waste the tiny scraps after cutting FQs into the big pieces for the front, so, used them all for the back...

The other one is an animal panel. I bought 3 panels at a quilt show a couple of years ago for future baby quilts.

The panel had 6 kinds of animals. The quilt has a repetition because the blocks are more than 6. Quilting is a heart pattern.

Making a baby quilt is a happy thing. As well as thinking of a baby's happy life in the future makes me feel happy, working with nursery and novelty fabric is fun.