Drunkard’s Path quilt - Japanese scraps (3)

About 100 blocks are done!

The blocks were sewn together and the top is done!

I think I would title this quilt "Folklore" because the little scraps have a story to tell, especially ones in traditional patterns.

Before the final decision of quilting pattern, I made a table mat with some of the blocks to see whether the quilting I have on my mind would work.

I think it is fine, but may change it slightly. Since it include hand stitching, it will take time to complete.

By the way, many people wonder how I can quilt a big quilt with a regular sewing machine. If you are interested in finding a different way to quilt with a regular sewing machine, I would recommend to change a position of your machine on the table - from horizontal (normal way) to virtical (shown in the picture above). This way, a big space for your hands to move a quilt on your machine becomes available. Some people use a machine built in a table and cannot change the position, and some people just cannot change their perspective about using a sewing machine virtical, though, if this works for you, it's a lot less frustrating on quilting.