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Favorite Fabric.

Fell in love with this fabric though....,
I cannot find it anywhere.
The yellow circle with light gray ring from Moda.

If I could find it, I would buy 10yd.


Thanksgiving Holiday.

How was your thanksgiving holiday??Mine was so great!I already miss the 4 days - Thur to Sun -.  Here is the turkey I was able to have :)

I got all leftovers and making broth little by little with them.Turkey soup with the broth was delicious, also rice with many kind of nuts and raisins ;-p
What else I can cook with it??I am so happy when I have food to eat especially delicious one :)I wish I could have someone who cooks for me :-pKyoko

Korean Alphabet - Hangul - quilt pattern kit

Finally! Listed in my shop!


I have received some requests from people who would be interested in purchasing
Korean Alphabet quilt pattern kit.

Since Christmas is approaching, some people would like to make the quilt
for a Christmas gift.

I am so happy if you can make it by yourself,
it would be more customized and treasure able
when you make it by your hands.

I do appreciate Tasha who is my first customer
who asked me to make a Korean quilt.
I have never thought this quilt would be a big item for sale in my shop.

Hope you enjoy making a Korean alphabet quilt! :D

Happy Thanksgiving to you all :)


Monsters quilt.

Enjoyed shopping on a beautiful autumn day, and got a cute fabric panel :)

They had a closing bargain.

Good Idea for store pins! So cute. Love the colors.

Funny pumpkin.

Lunched here :D

And what I've got :D
I cut the monsters panel into some parts and pieced them together with other fabrics I had.

And what I've made with some of my purchase :)
I think it turned out a cute monster quilt for a boy.
What do you think???



My blog post was featured at "sew-what'" yesterday!
It is now decorating their front page :D (11/05/9:23am)
And featured section if you have missed the front page is here.

According to the editor(?) who picked up my blog post :

Emi didn't realize how fun paper piecing was until she made this gorgeous baby quilt. While sorting and organizing her stash, she decided to make this crib quilt in one day. I love the colors she used and the simplicity of it's overall look.


I didn't mention anything about paper piecing in the description and I didn't use paper piecing method for this quilt, well, it's OK...
And my housemate said that "your English is kind of.... funny..." though, well, it's OK for now.
ANYWAY, this post was on their mailing list this morning!! Whaaaaaaaao!

The email from the mailing list looks like this!

Actually, I received an email through Flickr in the last August from one publishing company that was offering to incl…

Fried Green Tomatoes.

My first experience with Green tomatoes!

Since Nancy gave me many of green tomatoes from her garden, along with some people's recommendation, I fried them.

I had never tasted and dealt with green tomatoes.
When Nancy gave me them, some ladies told me that the best way to cook green tomatoes is deep fry. I asked my housemates if they have ever had them and they said "Well, all I can think of green tomatoes is a movie "Fried Green Tomatoes"." It sounded like ... the movie is very famous, but real green tomatoes?

I was a little hesitate to fry them since their response wasn't happy as much as I expected, so... I also asked other friends if they know a good recipe. And what one of them said was also "deep fry". According to her, the unique bitterness and hardness of green tomatoes match with deep fry.

OK. I would try deep fry then.

It turned out great! I used crashed Kellogg instead of flour since it was there, and my housemate suggested me to sprinkle chee…