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My 3rd nephew!

He was born an hour ago today!!
(Februay 1st, 9:28am Japanese time)

He has a lot of hair as a baby....

Queen Ring Ring

My handicapped rabbit RingRing is the Queen in my home.
Here is the one of the story of her.

"What are you looking at me for?"

"Did I do something wrong?"

"You are bad. Why you have to look at me like that."

"... OK. I forgive you."

"Don't look at me. I have something to do."

"....... it's ok... it is usual for us..."

Once she got her wheelchair, she tries to take in charge of her world. Chasing after her brother Rusty, bites him, pluck his fur.... to show dominancy.
She has strong personality, probably that's why people couldn't put her down when she got injured.
I feel so sorry for Rusty, but it is her treasure.

Japanese Hiragana alphabet quilt.

My Japanese friend who lives in my area gave me an idea of making a Japanese alphabet quilt for sale. I think a crib quilt with English alphabets is very common to make in the USA, but I have never thought of making it with Japanese alphabets.

She told me that there are many mothers who would like to have this kind of educational quilt, because a Japanese alphabets poster is not enough to let children learn it. Just put the poster on the wall doesn't make them learn, but if you see the alphabets all the time closely in various colors, and even you can use it as a quilt would be better tool for them.

Japanese language fall into 3 general categories - Hiragana (50 characters), Katakana (50 characters), Kanji (thousands : share some of them with Chinese characters) -. Maybe I should make Katakana one as well?

My friend has 2 years old girl, so this quilt will be hers.
Hopefully I get some orders from other people :)

It is very interesting to hear from my friend that she has been teaching…

Nancy's Quilt.

Finally done!
It took a looooooong time to get it done, I absolutely enjoyed making it at all! I mean it! Enjoyed collecting 16 kind of orange batik fabrics, sewing curves, binding curves, and of course quilting as well!

Our quilting group will join one event in DC tomorrow, I have decided to bring it to show off! Nancy's birthday is Jan. 23, but I cannot wait to see her reaction until then! This quilt was originally made for showing my appreciation to her kindness - she gave me her treasure, a heavy old sewing machine in mint condition with her memories -.

I will give this quilt to her tomorrow after the event.
I am soooooooooooooooo excited to think about it, I cannot stop myself grinning :D :D :D :D

Donna! Please don't tell her about it until I see her tomorrow if you find this post! She is not supposed to check my blog :)


Today is my husband and my birthday!

I am so excited and so happy since I have checked my e-mails!!

I don't like to be older, but always very happy to receive a message of "Happy Birthday" from my friends! (I don't receive from my family. I wonder why. Only my mother sometimes remember it, not every year.)

Thank you so much for remembering my birthday, and for spending your time for writing me a message or a card!! They are from Japan, from this country, from Thailand. They are not an e-card which you can set the day and time to send it off.

And one more thing I am so impressed is, Japan is 14 hours ahead from here. They even think of the time difference! I didn't see any messages last night, but today!

My husband offered to get a birthday cake for us! (I didn't even think of it!) We usually go to Korean bread shop that carries cakes when we need a cake. Korean cake is not too sweet like American sweets.

We are going to have dinner at a restaurant for free tonight!

Fat Quarters.

A Fat Quarter (a piece of fabric sized quarter of 1 yard) is very convenient for quilters to make a small gift. I sometimes thank a fat quarter for being such a wonderful tool for me.

I think all of quilters prefer fabrics than a meal. We store tons amount of fabric in a sewing room - some of them have a room for only fabric -, keep thinking "Be a good girl! no more fabric! I don't need more fabric!", but we are very weak at "fabric bargain" and buy more.... even we don't know what we will use it for.

A little piece of fabric is enough to make a quilter happy. We never know when we use it and what for. So I really love to attach a piece of fabric to something, such as when I return something that I borrowed from my friend, a small birthday gift.

My friend let me take a leftover of food from the Christmas luncheon of quilting group which she cooked. I tied a fat quarter and a small message tag to the spoon when I returned it to her.

This really looks adorable t…

Belated Happy New Year...

Hope you had a great new year's day!
Mine was good!

New Year's day is the most important celebration in Japan. I think it is just like the Christmas day in the USA, family get together, have special dishes, children get special allowance from adults, some people go to a shrine to wish fortune for this year.

I visited a temple in my area this year with my new friends who I met at the end of the year party. We expected something Japanese traditional like we do in Japan, but there was nothing we expected. The building looked just like a office, and the inside was like a Christian church. We saw a Buddha statue, had to take off the shoes before getting in the building as Japanese custom, and there was a small Japanese styled garden next to the building. My friend was even in Kimono, I believe she was really disappointed.

We had the new year's party after that at her house, we chat and chat, I had a great time!

Hope this year will have a full of fortune for you, and of course for me…