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"Rice paper wrapping" is lately popular among R and me. Maybe it's generally called "Spring roll"? It's very convenient food and very easy and quick to make. It's good for snack or lunch at outside as well.

Rice paper can be purchased at any grocery stores around my area, I think.

Soak it in warm water until it gets soft for wrapping the ingredients. And then, just wrap the ingredients, and eat!

This time, my ingredients were ground turkey, chopped parsley, chopped onion, sliced mushrooms, and sliced garlic. Lettuce texturally makes taste better, so I always add to it.

This peanuts sauce is a must! Really, really, really YUM!! :D :D :D

Quilt - Pooh Bear - Crib size

I had a few bundles of Bear Pooh fabric for a long time, and finally made a crib quilt with it.

I most of the time love to sew strips, but enjoy triangle as well :-p I personally love the back of this quilt.

Hope this quilt will find a good home :)

Japanese Obi with Japanese Old Bills

It was really fascinating to find Japanese old bills inside of old Japanese obi!

My friend gave me many Japanese Obi. I thought I would make some small items with them, and disassembled some of them.
Look at what I found inside one of the obis! They were in a little compartment, and it was attached in between the material of the obi.

The Japanese bills were issued 30 years before I was born, but still available to use in Japan! The value when it was used as money, it's just 10 cents though, I cannot stop thinking of the history that this bill had with. What kind of lady hid these bills? What made her to think that she needed to hide them in her obi? Nobody noticed there are old bills in this obi, so it ended up being sold and now it is here.

It's so interesting and exciting, isn't it!

New Quilt - "Tones"

New Quilt! :D :D
It was a little hard to name this quilt. I decided its name as "Tones".
Size : approx. 57" x 44"

I used different kind of textiles than normal quilting fabrics, they all are cotton, and Japanese Kasuri fabrics (woven). I really enjoy to work with natural / earth colors.

Available at my etsy shop - momonmo -.
Thank you! :D

Pretty Saturday

Today was so pretty.
I went to the botanical garden this morning to shoot some pictures, but they were SO busy as people were being directed to park the car where they usually cannot park at - on the lawn area in the parking place. So, gave up to enter the garden and enjoyed 3 garage sales in that area instead.

Many people were there to look for special deals :) I got some practical things at very, very reasonable price - bunch of copy paper and some stationery, etc.

I was kind of shocked to realize that I had completely forgot its existence of index divider when I found them at the garage sale. I got some of them.

This is what I was using until the last semester....; it's just a flier of cotton batting. Well, it had been more than 20 years since I graduated from college in Japan and stopped to use those kind of stationery used for studying. And there was not inconvenience for me to use the flier as a divider; so, I didn't pay attention to it seriously. No wonder if I forgot…

Fleece Backing Quilt

For this donation quilt, I used fleece fabric for backing without batting.

It would be thick and warm quilt if thin batting was in between of the quilt top and the fleece, but I worried it may become too thick. I think it went well without batting. It is light and warm.

I got many snowman fabric pieces from my friend, so I made another smaller donation quilt with leftover from the first larger one.

This was quilted normally, which has normal cotton fabric and batting in between. I like this backing. It is flannel.
We are heading for summer though, I enjoyed snowman pattern :) I think it would be almost winter when they actually arrive the destination.