Goldfishes - Kingyo - Totes

Made with Japanese tenugui.
I love tenugui (Japanese traditional face towel)! It really has all kinds of unique patterns.

This pattern reminds me of "Summer".

.... this summer is going over.... it might be out of season... it was too late to make them?


  1. oh no! I <3 LOVE <3 them!!!
    Then make me miss Japan soooo much! They are beautiful and you
    are very talented! Thank you for
    sharing them!! Kawaii!!!

  2. No way! Summer is in full swing still some places. And even if it wasn't these totes would still be perfect. They are beautiful!

  3. Hi Rane,
    Have you lived in Japan?? :) Where did you visit? I miss Japan, too! I am from Kyoto, my family live there. (in Kyoto and in Shiga prefecture where is located next to Kyoto)
    I am hoping to go back next year.

  4. Hi BeckyS,
    That's true! Some places are always in summer! Thanks for leaving a comment! :)

  5. My husband is from Hamamatsu Shizuoka ken. We have lived there
    off and on for 5 years.
    I now have a very large family
    and it is tooo much $ to go back
    often. It is also very hard to travel with this many kids.
    I wish that I had time and money
    to go back though.... maybe when we are older! <3
    I was wondering if you have a
    pattern for a cilds smock. Like
    the ones that school children wear in Japan... often it comes
    in a smaller size for babies.
    It has long sleves and elastic
    around the neck and wrists.
    I can't find a photo of what I
    want or what the name is of
    this style but I am working on
    christmas gifts *( as I said
    6 kids so I have to start early
    to get it all done)* and my
    daughters all want one of these
    shirts..smock things. If you
    dont then could you tell me the name of this shirt so I can find
    it? I have been looking for the
    longest time... almost 6 months.
    I asked my husband and he said
    he has no idea what I am talking
    about. hehhe! Oh poor Shigeru.
    He never understands sewing... haha!
    Thanks a million times for all of
    your help!!
    Oh by the way your bunnies are
    oh so cute!

  6. Hi Rane,
    You may now need to give up all trips, but after your children grow up they will bring you all kinds of treasure in life! I also cannot go anywhere because of my bunnies, but I can give it up since they bring me all kinds of pleasure :D

    I think this is the one you are talking about.

    It is also called Smock in Japan.
    I should have Smock pattern somewhere that I bought in Japan, but it is for around 2 years old children.


  7. Oh!!!! That is exactly what I was wanting!!!!
    I need a size for the baby... she is going to be 2 in November and
    for my 3 year old and my 8 year
    old... (I think she wants it for
    a pajamas.)

    You are right... your bunnies are
    so cute how could you leave them??
    My kids are my treasures that is true!... It is just hard because
    my husband is the only boy, so his parents want him there.
    (He loves the U.S. and does not
    want to go back to Japan to live.
    He loves how big and open it is
    here and that we can have grass
    and trees... in Japan we could not
    aford this. He says that Japan is
    too small for our family! hehe!)
    Are you here for your husband's
    work? Will you go back? Do you
    miss Japan?

  8. The shop takes oversea customers, I believe you would enjoy shopping with them! :D

    Does your husband have any sibling? If he has, he may want to discuss who takes care of his parents.
    I have one brother in Japan, but my mom doesn't like to live with him. And my parents divorced long time ago, my father is closer to my brother.
    I am a female, but would like to live with my mom someday... I don't know if it comes to real. My mom says she is still being in healthy, and trying to staying in good health, so she also wouldn't know when she will need a help.
    My husband is very old American (older than my mom!). He has lived in Japan for 5 years, and he would like to live in Japan. But it would be difficult to live in Japan for us... I don't know what will happen yet in future. Maybe he might go to heaven before my mom go.

    It would be very hard to support a big family in Japan. There, everything is so expensive...! I also prefer the USA environment to grow children.

  9. Wahou!This fabric is really adorable! It's never too late to do something like this!

  10. Thanks Daniela! I think Kingyo (goldfish) is very Japanese-y, and I love it!


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