A Pile of blocks for Japanese alphabet quilt.

I have been working on 4 of Japanese alphabet quilt.
Usually I make 4 at once to save my time. This pile is for 4 quilts top...! Really takes up my time to make a top, it is like a long trip once I started to make it.
Fortunately, 2 of them has been sold already and has been shipped yesterday and today :). I am always nervous until I hear from my customer thinking how they would like their purchase.

Now, I started to make a Katakana (other Japanese basic alphabet) quilt for a recent order. A customer can choose Hiragana or Katakana, both are basic Japanese alphabet. We have 2 kind of basic alphabet... Both are basically works in the same way, Katakana is generally used for imported things from oversea and also something we cannot (or difficulet to) transrate into Japanese.

I have had one customer who ordered a Katakana quilt for her granddaughter. Her granddaughter is going to have Japanese name, and she would like her to know how her name is written in Japanese, which is because foreigner's name is also written in Katakana in Japan.


  1. That is so interesting, I didn't realise that there were 2 Japanese alphabets. wow! xx

  2. Hi Louise,

    Thank you for leaving a comment :)
    So many alphabets to learn for Japanese...! Please don't forget to add thousands of Kanji (Chinese characters) to them! ha ha.


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