sewing needle

My first time to break a sewing needle :(


  1. I did this only once before too... what where you sewing?
    A quilt?
    How is your nephews?
    Hope all is well!
    Take care

  2. Hi Rane,
    I was so surprised when it was broken! I wasn't sewing something heavy and thick. ... I think I was doing applique. The needle is for quilting which is thin and short. Maybe it was weak :(

    My nephews sounds fine! (from my sister-in-law) They were supposed to go to Spain-village in Mie prefecture in Obon (summer vacation).
    I need to ask her how it went!

    Hope all is well for you too!

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  4. I hope that your sister in law and
    your nephews have a lot of fun!!

    I was sewing the binding on a doll
    quilt... it was not thick at all!!
    So I was so surprised!

    So what are you working on this
    week? I am making my husband's
    new work pants shorter... all the clothing here are so long that
    I have to shorten and hem all of
    the pants he gets ... he is a
    little short compare to me..and
    it is cheaper to shorten them myself.
    Do you have to do the same for
    your husband?

  5. I have worked on Korean alphabet quilt, and one pink tree quilt :D

    ha ha, your husband's size would be much smaller than the US size!
    My husband is a big American guy, so I have never fix hem. He doesn't like to waste things, so he wear pants for a long time.... as a pants for house working. (he fix almost anything)
    So...., I have to mend tears.... :(


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