Tapestry with the scraps from the XO Quilt

I had a lot of triangle scraps from my scrappy XO quilt. So far, I made 5~6 XO quilts mostly for charity. One went to my friend in Japan. She fell in love with this quilt at the first sight, according to her. 

So, I had a lot of triangles left; a combination of, one is solid black, and the other is all kinds of color. I hadn't decided what I want to make with them for months. I recently ended up making a tapestry.

I tried different layouts with the half-triangle squares. 

Then, I decided to go with the simple one. When I lined all of them together, I realized its size perfectly matches one of my cupboard doors. So, it became a tapestry for the door.

The cupboard door is a glass door. I hang it on the backside of the glass door, inside of the cupboard. It looks good! It reminds me of a candy box with many colors. It is nice to have a cover to hide the cluttered contents in the cupboard; also, the colors cheer me up :)