Monday, December 11, 2006


I made a Furoshiki yesterday.

Furoshiki is a piece of big fabric -- wrapping cloth --, we use it as a bag, as wrapping paper.

Furoshiki is very convenient to use. I don't have to think if a thing that I am going to wrap fits or not like a bag, and I can carry it conpactly in my bag. When I need extra bag after unexpected shopping, I just take it out from my bag, and use it like a bag.

This Furoshiki is big, 60"-69" in size. Furoshiki size is vary according to what you wrap. My mother even use it to wrap bedding to store.

General Furoshiki that taking with you is less than a yard square and material(most of them are polyester) is very thin, to let it store in a bag, and polyester doesn't make wrinkle easily.

The Furoshiki I made is actually for quilts in order to bring to the quilt club for show and tell, made with cotton 100% fabrics.
More than one and half year ago, my friend sent me Yukata fabric from Japan. I have been thinking what I could make with them, and finally I could use them! I also added some cotten Japanese style fabric and batik which I got in this country. I think I would use this Froshiki forever.