Thursday, December 21, 2006

My beautiful girl.

Here is my beautiful girl, RingRing. I succeeded to take good pictures of her cute and beautiful face! I thought I have to show them off to everybody. I believe she is truly a beautiful lady if she was a human. She is very positive to alive. I often think about her as my friend told me, "Animal never think to give up their life. They accept all of their condition positively." I think that's very true.
She is paralyzed below the waist by a car accident. My husband has been trying to make the best wheel chair for her, keeps modefiying.

When she is in the wheel chair, she moves like a normal rabbit. She chases after her brother Rusty, shakes her head happily trying to jump. Unfortunately, she cannot junp, to hop, but looks like moving freely in limitation, she controls the wheel chair very well.

Since my husband got a surgery on Dec. 12th, he has been in the bed all the time. I think RingRing is waiting for wearing more comfortable wheel chair. We hope he gets better very soon!