Monday, December 25, 2006

My Christmas day.

Today is the Christmas. I am not a christian, I don't celebrate Christmas. My husband and I don't have any religion. But I love to see holidays season, people look so fun, love to think about gifts to give my friends. I hate to go shopping after Thanksgiving, especially to Wal-mart though. It's even difficult to find a parking place. Oh, exculdes "Black Friday". HA-HA-HA-HA. I love to go to Jo-Ann fabric store on that day!

I mentioned we don't celebrate Christmas. So we don't exchange Christmas present. I am sad a little about this. Tomorrow is our 3rd anniversary day, but we can't go to even restaurant since my husband is not feeling well after the surgery. I hope he will get better by our birthday! (Jan.7) please!

I had a big fortune yesterday. The second Monster Quilt was sold yesterday!! I felt like the lady who purchsaed the quilt brought me a Christmas present. The quilt is so expensive for me, I would not be able to afford this price if I don't make a quilt by myself. But to make a quilt is hard work. I know it because I make it.... I strongly hope the lady will love it and use it for a long time. Actually I was making some cushion covers in the monsters design. I received some nice messages from people who liked the quilt. They said "The price is right for this quilt, but too expensive." I thought if I made a small things in the same design at affordable price, they may want to get it. I hope this will work. We never know the future. Just try something that I feel that may work.

Anyway, thanks god! (I am not a christian though :-0)
Have a happy merry Christmas!!