Thursday, February 01, 2007

A Mind Reader?

I received one package from Japan yesterday. She sometimes sends me some Japanese foods and craft things. This time...., I was so impressed that the items she chose for me are exactly what I am interested in!

I have a plan to go back to Japan this coming spring! This makes me exciting, of course! Finally after 3 years since I moved in the USA!! So I keep researching some Japanese web sites which sell fabric. I can buy them on the Internet in the USA, and the items will be delivered to my mother's house. Unfortunately most of shops don't ship to oversea. When I go back to Japan, I can pick them up!

The other day, I was looking at the fabric that is located in the right bottom corner in this picture, and was thinking "so cute". Then, here it is, she chose the fabric for me! (There are abour 2 inches thick bunch of Japanese fabric under the fabric.) And fabric tapes, Japanese craft magazines, very thin wool 100% yarn. "Amigurumi" is very popular in Japan, I do crochet also, but haven't tried "Amigurumi". The magazine that is located in the left bottom corner in this picture was very adorable! I have seen the author's website before. I am glad to see that the author finally published her own book.